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10 Surprisingly Basic Steps To Become Happy | Try This Today

10 Surprisingly Basic Steps To Become Happy | Try This Today
10 Surprisingly Basic Steps To Become Happy | Try This Today

Happiness is a priceless gift that everyone craves and searches for, a state of mind or being that cannot be bought by the richest people in the world.  But happiness resides in the life of a few lucky people who know how to wisely seek it.

There are countless books and articles on the road to happiness and there are endless tips and methods propounded by different people on how to attain happiness in life or the steps to happiness.  

Reading such motivational books or write-ups or employing certain tips on happiness given by others may help people to some extent.  It is important to know that happiness is not an achieved goal once and for all, it is rather an idea of the continuous process.  

Life is not a bed of roses and the world we live in is not an idyllic place. Life is a book of unpredictable chapters. In my quest for happiness, I realized that happiness is rather a theoretical quest than being an ultimate goal.  So in our real world, it is more practical and realistic to find means to keep ourselves happy and blessed.

We have to continuously make an investment on how to keep ourselves happy.  Being able to live the moment in contentment and peace with smile and laughter in spite of the cares and pain of life is what the proxy of happiness this world could offer us.

Focus on doing things that make you happy and satisfied finding yourself in the state of ‘being happy’, that’s what it matters, in fact, that your happiness! I’m very happy and contented living.

I couldn’t ask for more.  There are pragmatic methods I employ to keep myself happy. It works for me. Subsequently, I’m going to share ten points which I think will surely help some people at least. 

10 Steps To Become Happy

10 Steps To Become Happy

1. If you are somebody who believes in an ethical God, be in good relationship with your god. If you are an atheist, believe in being humane and ethical goodness.

Cultivate a sound conscience with yourself and with the world around you. You have, first of all, create a clean space in your conscience to let happiness develop from within. Be a good human being.

2. Fall in love with yourself. Learn to be content and happy with the way you look and with what you are. It is said if you compare yourselves with others, you either cultivate inferiority complex or superiority complex, but I believe it is good to compare yourself with others to identify your uniqueness and exceptionality and boost your confidence and motivate your positive way of looking at things.

Nobody is as unfortunate or fortunate as they appear. “Every rose has its thorn” Remember?

3. Find out what you love to do. If doing that makes you happy, continue to do it. I believe, doing the good work like helping people and others humanitarian deed is what makes every normal and ethical human being happy.

(But if you love doing harm to people and doing destructive act makes you happy, I’m sorry but you are different from the normal majority). If you love doing artwork, do it.

4. Employ yourself in a service that you love and do your work faithfully. Wherever workplace you are employed, Know the dignity of your work, give your best shot in everything you do.

Nothing is so regretful than to regret not having done your work well when you could. Keep yourself occupied with a work you are passionate about. Remember, “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. But never overwork yourself.

5. Find a faithful spouse who loves you for who you are and who will stand by you through thick and thin. Love and be loved! Ending up with a wrong partner can make a hell out of your life.

Find a faithful spouse who loves you for who you are

Be very prudent in choosing your spouse. If you are still waiting for the right person or not ready to have a spouse, make good friends. Always know that you there are constructive and destructive friends, if you chose the former, it’s a boon but if you chose the latter, you are doomed.

So make sure, you associate with good people. Family and good friends complete your life, so make time with them, go on holiday with them, stay indoors with them.

6. Never mistake fun and enjoyment for true happiness. Take yourself out from the stress of work and have fun, chill out, let loose yourself and enjoy the treat life could offer you but don’t let the result of your fun ruin your happiness. 

Always know that fun and recreations keep your mind at ease but also know that fun is not permanent and when it is unguarded, it can be destructive. Treat yourself in life’s enjoyment but within a limit and with prudence.

7. Seize the day, live the moment. Don’t let the past unpleasant memories haunt you or keep you imprisoned. Don’t let the future uncertainty keep you in fear.

Let tomorrow’s problems take care of itself when its own time comes. For now, live the present faithfully. Don’t compromise the dearest of your heart. Follow your heart, but following your heart is not enough, your’s heart’s desire should be guarded by tour reason. Prudence! Prudence! Prudence!  

8. Stay away from problems as long as it is within your power but Problems, pain, and failures are inevitable in every person’s life.

So they happen, don’t let these misfortune break you, let it build you rather. When life’s adversity strikes you, cry and shout and let it out but don’t let it overwhelm you and take control of it.

Get up and go get a life again and smile again. Life is all about you trying to create a reason to smile every time life makes you cry. 

You are a real fighter and winner of life if you don’t allow yourself to be cowed down by life’s adversity.  Don’t cringe over the negative side of life. Find ways to divert your mind from the negativity of thoughts that ails you.

9. Eat healthily and live healthily. Avert sicknesses and diseases by taking required precautions. Always remember the concept of sound mind and body.

10. When you are looking for ways to keep yourself happy, look for pragmatic methods that you can employ practically in real life as a layman you are to Stop reading theoretical books and redundant teaching on happiness that take you to too spiritual or philosophical realm( you are not looking for liberation or enlightenment here).

Read-only practical books and employ pragmatic tips on how to keep you happy for the practical reality of life.