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The 2 Week Diet Program By Brian Flatt Review | Does It Really Work?

2 Week Diet
2 Week Diet

The 2 Week Diet is a revolutionary science-based dietary online program, developed by Brian Flatt. It is guaranteed to melt away 8 to 16 pounds (4 to 8 kg) of stubborn body fat in just 14 days.

The program claimed to be based on human biology, rational thought, and real-life proven result.

It assured that you will never need to buy another diet book, fancy gizmo or magic pills to lose weight ever again.

Although this program is specially targeted to people who want to lose weight quickly, it doesn’t claim to be a fad diet program that promises quick weight loss by avoiding a number of foods.

Instead, it is claimed to be a diet program based on science which have proven to be extremely effective for millions of people over the past several decades.

If you are overweight, you may be eager loss weight as quickly as possible.

The 2-week diet program may sound good for you as it promises to lose weight without unwanted side effect and decreases the risk of weight and future obesity.  



Table Content and Summary of 2 Week diet program

This program is split into 4 distinct parts. All the 4 handbooks have been combined into 1 compact PDF. It has 99 pages in total.

In The First Part of the compact PDF is The Launch Handbook, it has twenty-two chapters, consisting 57 pages.

n the first part of the compact PDF is The Launch Handbook,


The Second Part of the PDF is the Diet Handbook; it has nine chapters, consisting 18 pages.  

In this section, you will learn some of the most advanced fat burning technique for 2-week diet, it consists of 4 phases that will help you to avoid yo-yo effects and prevent weight regain.  You will also find the secret 3 pounds rule.


PDF is the Diet HandbookThe Third Part of the PDF is the Activity Handbook, it has 16 chapter and 11 pages.

In this section, you will learn the alternate body workout to burn fat that requires little extra effort to help you yield a great result.

PDF is the Activity Handbook,

The Fourth Part of the PDF is called the Motivation Handbook. It has eight chapters and 8 pages long.

This final handbook will teach you how to stay motivated to the program with ease.   

 last part of the PDF is called the Motivation Handbook.


How Does 2 Week Diet Program Work?

The Diet:   The diet consists of two phases. During the first week on the diet, you will likely to see a drop of weight in the neighborhood of 10 pounds, if you follow the plan carefully.

It will guide you on how to lose up to one pound of body fat or more per day, with a diet based on foods that contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals that you need to be healthy. 

It also covers the types of food you need to avoid.

The diet requires some motivation as it may require limiting some of your favorite foods to help you control of your weight.

Most of the diet plan fails is because they often rely solely on willpower which triggers hunger and focuses too much on calories.  

This section will also teach you on how to succeed based on science to control your appetite.


The Workouts:  Most of the exercise program failed because the workouts required to succeed are just too much for most people to handle. However, this is not the case with this program. 

2 Week diet workout routine is designed to burn fat and build lean muscles in about 20 minutes just a few times a week.

Although you can lose weight with diet alone, exercise is also an important component, a quality workout like this one will double your fat loss results.

The workout in this program is divided into two separate workouts.

One is for those who would want to get a gym membership and workout at a gym and other is a home workout using just your body weight as equipment.

Supplements:  In this report, you’ll discover the overall best weight supplement or fat burner and appetite being used today.

Most of the supplements that they feature in this section can be legally purchased over the counter without a prescription.         

Motivation and Mindset:  In this section, you’ll find a motivation that’ll help you to slim down, eat healthily and ultimately burn fat.

The  Diet overview

The diet section If you are following the diet plan carefully, it is guaranteed to lose ¾ to 1 pound of fat every day.  

When you add the workout to the diet it claimed that you can typically lose over 1 pounds per day.

The diet plan is somewhat similar to a protein sparing modified fast. It tricks the body into entering a 24/7 fat burning starvation mode while providing an appropriate amount of protein that your body needs so that the lean body mass is spared.

In addition to carbohydrate restriction and strategic protein consumption, they have also added quality healthy fats to enhance fat burning goals.

Brian Flatt believes that carbohydrate is not essential for your health as they are not the building blocks for other molecules and the body can obtain all its energy from protein and fat.

Even though we could eat all the carbohydrate we wanted, we could still die of starvation if we did not have fat and protein in our diet, –Brian Flatt.  

This is the reason why he restricts carbohydrate in this diet. It limits certain fat in this diet to EFAs (essential fatty acids) and trace amounts of fat in the allowed foods. Limiting fat will kick the body into burning fat rather than storing it.  

It mentioned that we need a certain amount of fat every day for a proper functioning. However, your body doesn’t care if it gets the fat from your diet or from the fat stored on your hips, thighs, belly or butt.

So, they have included a kind of fat your body loves and need in the form of essential fatty acids (EFAs).

The program also guided on how to increase the amount of daily protein you are eating without totally disrupting your routine.

It increases protein consumption because it helps to preserve lean body mass and as it also keeps your metabolism cranked up.

2 Week diet Meal Frequency

2 Week diet Meal Frequency

The meal frequency is one of the key components to dropping weight in this program. It recommends five meals ( smaller meals) a day.

At first, it might even seem impossible or difficult to eat 5 times. However, it’s not only possible, it’s how humans were meant to eat.  

When you skip a meal, your metabolism slows down and put your body into a catabolic state. So it advised not to skip a meal.

In the diet portion, you’ll also learn some secret on how to do this effectively and successfully.


The Method Used To Get Thin:  

Brian pointed out that the fastest and easiest way to lose weight is to stop using dietary carbohydrates for energy.

He insists that once you restrict carbohydrates from your diet, your body has absolutely no choice but to break down and burn body fat for the fuel it needs.  

Losing weight on the 2-week diet is a matter of functional eating strategies- It’s about choosing specific types of proteins, fats, and reduced carbohydrates and is consumed in the appropriate amount at just the right time.

The diet alone is guaranteed to produce an amazing result. However, by following the 2 week diet exercise program, it can double your weight loss goals, while obtaining some very favorable body composition changes.




  • Losing 1 to 2 pounds per week is a common recommendation but according to this program, you can drop 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in one week and still be safe. Although it is very much possible, this goal is both risky and difficult to achieve.  
  • If you are under a medical condition, you should only attempt with doctor approval. As you may need to burn many more calories than you consume each day and may require restricting your diet to a smaller portion.
  • It limits foods choices, so in this case, it may not offer you balanced nutrition.


The Final Verdict

There are numerous programs and products flooding both online and offline on weight loss, tone body programs, scams and genuine, it is indeed very confusing to know which one to trust and to identify which one would work for you.

So it’s important to read detail reviews and genuine feedbacks before you make your purchase of any product or program.

My job is just to provide you the gist of information of what the program is all about. 

I cannot insist you to buy and try out Two week Diet Plan, but I would recommend you to visit its official website and check out testimonial feedbacks and reviews on this program if you are intrigued by it.

The decision is all yours but just in case you decided to take a test ride on this program, it’s available at a price of $37 at the moment with 100% money back guarantee. 

If you purchase the product and found it unsatisfactory after trying it out, you have the providence to get your money refunded in case you seek for a refund. So technically, the program is made accessible with the free trial policy.

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