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8 Ways To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

8 Ways To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You
8 Ways To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

Looking for signs of an unfaithful boyfriend? Well, this article will help you find some of the signs of unfaithful boyfriend and Ways to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Why do people cheat on their partners, the reason is best known by the persons who are involved in this enterprise! Whatever the reason is, it is the worst thing that could happen in a relationship. I know, two types of people who would most often visit this page are-

  1. who is being cheated, to identify the signs of their cheating partner
  2. Who cheats, to equip with knowledge of ‘what not to do’ when you cheat on your partner (so as to get the tips to be a skillful trader?)

This article serves the purpose of both the parties.  To begin with, people are different and mechanism how every lover operates in their relationship is different. 

Just because your boyfriend is behaving in certain unusual manner lately, you can’t just conclude that he is cheating on you for sure. But what I can tell you in this article is to let you know of some probable signs you could look for in case you suspect him of not being faithful to you.

Therefore, based from my personal experience and research, I’m going to jog down some general signs that sure say that something is not all right in your relationship or a sings your boyfriend cheated on you.

8 Ways To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

1: Instinct/Intuition: How strong is your instinctive perception? You instinctively feel that your boyfriend might be cheating on you because he gives you the reason to make you feel so in the first place.

Your intuition about it does not arise out of anything or no reason. When something smells fishy in a relationship, you just know it anyhow. 

Come on! You are not a dumb log of wood, you see, you feel and your reason, one of them always tells you when something is not alright.

2: Phone: Thanks to phones. One of the common helps to know about your partner cheating on you is through his phone. 

checking his phon e

 If he becomes more strict with you using his phone, reading his messages (also his email) and answering the calls for him, that means he is hiding something from you (unless he is planning a secret birthday/anniversary surprise for you), that’s a sign of a not so okay relationship.

When he is with you when he gets a beep in his phone, does he tend to read it secretly and just sum up “it’s nothing it’s just a text from so and so”?  

If he runs out to attend his call, away from you or rejects repeated phone calls in front of you, you may want to inquire about the caller.

If his phone is in busy often when you called and his explanation does not convince you enough, then it is a sign that he is up to something which you don’t know or sings your boyfriend cheated. Remember, some infidel experts also know the art of keeping multiple secret phone numbers for different women.

3: Changes in Priorities: Remember, if he serves two masters at a time, he cannot give all of himself to you like when he has only you.

His divided focus and attention cannot do justice to your relationship when you and your relationship concern are no longer his priority like it used to be.

You can feel it to the core when he shifts his attention from ‘you’ and ‘yours’ to something else. (Of courses, his professional matters could keep him occupied in many genuine cases but remember many people use professional reasons to cheat on their girlfriends).

Does he still constantly shower upon you simple loving gestures such as wishing good morning/goodnight babe, what’s up? I miss you, honey, etc?  

He may begin to have lots of explanation and excuse for not being able to make it up to you and give you ambiguous and contradictory explanations sometimes.

4: Sex zeal: The idea of sex with you no longer excites him like it used to? You feel you are no longer the center of his attraction? Probably, he has been sleeping with somebody. He got what his physical wants from somebody else so he really doesn’t bother if he gets it from you or not.

5: Occupied and busy: Do you sense your guy has become very busy for reasons you don’t know and have become mysterious of late?

Do his activities and his whereabouts rather make you wonder (???) then convinced?

Are you feeling unsure about it? Well, that’s a reason enough for you to feel insecure. Sometimes, trust, simply trusting is not enough especially when things begin smell fishy.

6: Check him out: you don’t have to police him and stalk him to see he does and where he goes. Just keep an eye on what kind of dress and perfume he wears when he goes out, especially when the appointment is not with you.

See if you can notice any women hair (hairball) on the floor, his bedsheets, on his pillow cash, on his shirt. Sometimes, there could be forgotten women accessories and cosmetics such as hairpin, earrings, lipstick etc under his pillow, in the drawer, his dressing table, etc.

If you find such stuff in his room, he sure is bringing women in his room unless they are his sister or mother.

7: Be Patient: If you think that you found him red-handed or got a proof of his unfaithfulness, don’t confront him yet straight away, hold on there! Just slightly hint it and cross-grill him and see how honest he could with you.

 It’s really interesting when you question him of something which you already know the answer. If he tells you the truth, he is probably feeling guilty of what does and planning to give it up.

But if he lies and tries to justify himself by giving lame and ambiguous excuses, there where lovers’ quarrel starts yet again!

8: No naivety please: sometimes some women are too head over heels in love with their boyfriends that even if they suspicious, “Honey, trust me! I love you, okay?” then a kiss from their boyfriend can put out their enquiring mind.

You are so much in love that you tend to believe everything your lovers said no matter what. Please, don’t be naïve lest you cry later.