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Anabolic Running By Joe Logalbo Review: Does It Work?

Anabolic Running By Joe Logalbo’s Review: Does It Work?
Anabolic Running By Joe Logalbo’s Review: Does It Work?

Anabolic Running is a workout program, it is specially designed for younger men who are looking to boost testosterone, build muscles, and enhance their sex life naturally.  

The system claimed to utilize the same techniques and strategies that are used by the ancient tribal hunters.

Anabolic running focuses anabolic exercises, in relation to maximizing muscles growth, build more strength, improve testosterone level, and trigger the hormonal response and nitric oxide to boost sex drive.

Overview of Anabolic Running By Joe Logalbo’s 

This program swaps a normal cardio workout environment for an anabolic workout. It assures to keep your anabolic hormones high in the sky, while you build hard rock muscles, burn fat and boost your sex drive.

It offers a wide range of sensible training tips to develop your physique and improve your performance. You’ll also enhance your overall health through improved sleep quality and the intake of dietary fats.

Unlike traditional cardio, anabolic running utilizes resistance, which promotes muscles gains.

If you want your waist to shrink while maintaining your strength and muscles mass, you may want to try this program. 

About The Author

The Anabolic Running program is created by Joe Logalbo, a fitness professional who has personally used these routines and transformed his own abs.

In fact, he actually hired a former Olympic gymnast to teach him how to get shredded abs and decrease body’s fat percentage.

Joe is also a personal trainer, specialize in helping men and women make changes to their body that last and get that sleek and toned look.

You can connect him on his Twitter or on Facebook  

What’s included in the program?  

Anabolic Running Workout Manual-3

The workout manual incorporates a combination of fat burning and muscles building exercise for any man to trigger an increase testosterone production and burn serious body fat.

You don’t need to go to the gym and use any fancy gym equipment. You can follow these Anabolic Running workouts anytime and anywhere.

Exercise Guide

Anabolic Running Workout Manual-3

You’ll also receive high video quality demonstrating move by move, so you’ll never be left wondering how or what to do.

To give you a wider view of what’s inside the main guide The Anabolic Running 2.0, here’s an overview of each section-


The introduction will help you understand the core concepts and what you’re in for.

Anabolic Science

Anabolic Science focuses on the associated research and related health benefits. The physical activity recommendations are based on your current activity level.

It will help you to recognize where you are and how you can challenge yourself.

For example, if you do not currently engage in any regular physical activity then you should begin by incorporating a few minutes of physical activity into each day and gradually build up to 30 minutes or more moderate-intensity activities.

The Side Effects of Artificial HGH

There are many people who have used HGH injection to give the body a full dose of synthetic hormone growth levels. 

However, most of the athletic association is banning the synthetic HGH and now athletes are now being tested for HGH levels at sporting events.  

This phase shows a real and potential risk and side effects of this drug.

The Positive Effects of HGH from Anabolic Running

This phase discusses how to stimulate your body to produce more Human Growth Hormone (HGH) without using any drugs.

The tricks suggested will also trick your body into producing more Melatonin to help you sleep better.

What’s wrong with Traditional Running?  

This phase shows the biggest problem with traditional running.

It dictates that if you are been training using traditional running then you could suffer from a long list of negative effects.

These include muscles loss, a decline in testosterone, decrease sex drive and much other more. 

An Inside Look At Anabolic Running

This is the core of the program, in it, you will find the workout guide. It covers a series of recommended exercises, with clear instruction.

It is instructed to perform this twice a week as it only takes around 10 to 20 minutes.  

Interval Training Mistakes 

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become one of the most trendy workout techniques in the world. 

However, many people are not getting the full benefits because they are not doing it correctly.

This section teaches how to avoid mistakes to prevent injury and get the maximum result from it.

Secret Libido Boosting Cocktail 

This phase introduces a special sexual cocktail to boost bedroom performance. It assures that this boner cocktail will help keep you going all night.

You will find some secret ingredients that are only known to a few people that will enable to have a satisfying sex life.

It has also included ancient anabolic Oil and the 3-minute mind control trick.

Anabolic Sleeping Trick 

If you are not getting enough sleep, it can kill your sex drives.  But how do you know if you’re sleep deprived?

Most adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night and if you’re not getting at least 7 hours then you are probably sleep deprived. 

And if you are not waking up with morning wood, then probably you’re not producing enough luteinizing hormone and testosterone when you sleep. 

In this last section of the Anabolic Running, you will learn how to optimize sleep and boost testosterone.


To offer you the most benefits from this program and to help you achieve your goal faster, the owner of the Anabolic Running has included 4 amazing bonus.

Bonus Anabolic Running


  • Indoor Anabolic Running ( Value $ 19 )
  • Shock And Awe Strength ( Value $27 )
  • Testosterone Hacker Handbook ( Value $ 27 )
  • 17 Foods To Boost Libido ( Value $27 )

Indoor Anabolic Running:

If you can’t get outside or on a treadmill then Indoor Anabolic running may be a perfect solution for you. It uses low and high-intensity exercise to deliver even better result than you’d get from pounding pavement for an hour.  

Shock and Awe Strength:

These workouts include numbers of advanced training technique. They are suitable both for intermediate and advanced trainees. You can perform the specific guidelines based on your goal or target.  

Testosterone Hacker Handbook:

Low testosterone is very common issues among men over the age of 30. In fact, new research suggests that one out of four men over 30 have low testosterone level.  

This is a serious problem that should not be taking lightly as lack of testosterone doesn’t only affect your muscle growth. It also can trigger a shoal of other health problem and affect your lifestyle.

In this guide, the author has put together the 41 best diet, supplementation and training tips to boost testosterone levels naturally.

17 Foods to Boost Libido:

If you have been less interested in sex than usual, you may be experiencing low libido.

In this guide, you’ll find foods that you should add daily to your diet to increase your sex drive. These foods are fairly easy to find and eat regularly.

Who Is Anabolic Running For?

This program is designed for the guys who want to drastically raise testosterone levels, induce growth and fat loss. If these are your goal, then Anabolic Running is for you.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this for women or for people who have hip, knee or ankle pain. If you ’re in pain, visiting your GP or physiotherapist can be the best choice before using this program.


If you are looking to train and produce a real result based on your effort, Anabolic running will you achieve your fitness goal faster and with greater ease.

The result you will see may vary based on your current level of fitness. Even if you are new to regular workout but started following diligently on this program, you will start seeing a result in just a few weeks.