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Title: Booty Type Training
Author: Jessica Gouthro
Year of Publication: 2018
Language: English
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There are different ways to make your butt rounder. You can sculpt your butt with exercise, diet, pills, potions, enhancers creams or surgeries.

However, many people don’t prefer surgery because it can be incredibly expensive and pose an unwanted risk such as blood clots, sensation changes, fat embolism or other adverse reaction.

This is the reason why it’s worthwhile to first try to shape your butt naturally. If your goals are clear nothing can divert you from your fitness journey.  

Those of us that are looking for a natural solution to make the butt look sexy, the answer is Booty Type Training.

The Booty Type Training Program is specially designed for people who are looking to shape their butt naturally. 

It helps to get a sculpted booty with a unique form of booty movements that are customized to your natural butt type.

This program combines both exercise and a healthy diet to get a toned butt.

How Long Does It Take To Start Seeing Results?

It depends on how much effort you put into it. However, Jessica assures that if you follow everything she has layout then you will see noticeable results in 2- 3 weeks.  

If you are someone who loves spending hours working out every week, this is not for you.

It clearly mentioned that this program is specially designed for a woman who wants to spend as little time exercising as possible, but still want to see an amazing result. This program doesn’t require any equipment.

It is recommended for women (20-70 years old) who are looking to lift and firm their booty and eliminate stubborn cellulite dimples without spending hours running each week or lifting weight at the gym.

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The Booty Type Training Method

Booty Type Training Reviews

Not all booties come in all shape and sizes

To determine what exercise to do for your butt; you first need to know your booty type.  

The first part of this booty type training will help you discover your exact booty type so you can quickly choose the best work out for your butt.

According to Jessica Gouthro (Author of this program), there are four types of types of butt viz….

  • Square – “H” shape
  • Round –O” shape
  • Heart/pear – “A” shape
  • Inverted – “V” shape

Your butt may not match the above example precisely but you should be able to choose which shape your butt most closely resembles.

When you train against your natural butt-type you can actually target the wrong muscles group.

Therefore depending on your butt type, you need to workouts to tone your butt naturally.

The Booty Type Training program focuses on a specific booty type training instead of following all of the “one size fits all” fitness routines out there…

You’ll notice in the Booty Type Training workouts that O-shape booty is full of squat movement because genetically, women with O-shape booty have stronger lean muscle development in their “back half” than compared to H-shape Booty.

The H-shape booty type requires fewer squats and more floor exercises 7 THE BOOTY TYPE TRAINING METHOD that directly targets the booty muscles alone.

Although you may not able to change the shape of your butt, it can be toned and tightened-Jessica Gouthro

The Jessica assures that with the help of exercises provided in this guide you can enhance your natural genetic gift.

It also covers some super foods that will make your buttocks bigger.

This program is designed to get the absolute MOST out of your booty. Take advantage of the customization of this program and follow your specific exercises to the “T.”- Jessica Gouthro

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What Else You’ll Get When You Purchase Booty Type Training?

Booty type Training Exercise Video library (FREE): It consists of 31 exercises to build a better butt, each done for a short minute’s interval. 

Booty Type Training Video Library


It doesn’t require any equipment; all you need is just a mat or towel to lie on the floor.

With the booty type training video library, you’ll have detailed coaching instruction for each butt workout depending on your butt shape.

These workouts are also designed for people who have never workout before or started to workouts again after a long break.

Booty Type Training Complete Workout Plans( FREE) 

booty-type-training-books-1-1Inside this program, you’ll have access to four unique booty type workout plans, one for each butt type.

It comprises the plan for-

  • A Booty type
  • O Booty type
  • H Booty type
  • V Booty type

Booty Type Training Printable Workout logs (FREE): It is just a 2 pages printable workout logs, designed to help track your progress.

Cellulite Freedom Guide

Cellulite Freedom Guide (FREE): This guide includes Jessica’s personal best way to prevent new cellulite bumps from appearing.  It also includes foods that fight cellulite. This guide will be helpful if you have cellulite on your bottom and thighs.


Hollywood Booty Black Book (FREE):

This guide is created to make you feel confident about yourself as a woman.

Inside this guide, you’ll discover- Posture tricks that make your figure appear shapelier and also the 7-day famous photo shoot detox.

Varicose Veins Erased

Varicose Veins Erased (FREE)

If you hate those eye-catching, sometimes painful, dark-blue and bulging varicose veins on your legs and calves, this is for you…

Inside this guide, you’ll discover-

  • The root cause of varicose veins
  • 3 fruits that increase blood flow
  • #1 wardrobe malfunction that causes varicose veins
  • Rhythms that increase blood flow
  • Snacks that improve blood flow
  • This program is well organized and easy to understand.
  • The workout can be done anywhere, even in the small amount of space.
  • There is no complex movement and no equipment required.
  • One of the best things about Booty type Training is that you’ll get the entire course at only $15 $ ( After Discount)
  • It also comes with 60 money back guarantee. If within the first 60 days of ownership you are not satisfied for any reason you can request a refund.

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