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Customized Carb Cycling by Matt Stirling | Does It Really Work?


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Customized Carb cycling by Matt Stirling is designed to add lean muscle and burn fats while enjoying your favorite foods.

It is a revolutionary new system to accelerates fat loss, builds ripped muscle and takes your physique to the next level without giving up any of your favorite foods!

Interesting isn’t?

Here is the more interesting thing, well carbs are not your enemies and you don’t need to worry about intakes of all of the other foods you find doubtful, yet wanting to have a ripped fat – zero body.

This is great news for you because the fact that you are resisting all the offers of visiting delicious restaurants wouldn’t be a bother anymore after all.

Worry not, because the explanation on how to live a normal life, getting absolutely insane fat burning results, the fastest fat loss and muscle building results are brought to you here.

You know while many realize that carbs are not the enemy, fewer understand that everyone has different needs based on how well your body utilizes carbohydrates.

One question,

If you knew exactly how to customize your carbohydrate intake to your individual activity level, body fat level, and physique or performance goals, do you actually think you would experience faster muscle – building and fat loss results, and most importantly, a more enjoyable healthy fit life?

Guess what?

If you have been following the fitness industry for all this time round, the carb intake can be a little bit confusing and frustrating.

You guys are aware of the carb confusion that has been flustered in the gyms, kitchens, notice boards, classrooms and advice from nutrition conference for a whole decade of living.

You can take an example from the three-time World Champion bodybuilder and a personal trainer to hundreds of clients hired to shape people to the best of their lives;

Customized Carb Cycling author 

Matt StirlingIntroducing Matt Stirling, also the author of this product, the Customized Carb Cycling.

To dig into the features of this cycle, let us first dig into the awesome life of Stirling.

Before the introduction of his own product, say in his early days, he was an overtime diet pursuer, diets he follows especially during his final 16 weeks getting ready to win the latest body building contest and apparently he did.

Now the Target is;

What he did was like, he had to overcome one huge problem, to crack the “Carbohydrate Code” for himself and to every single one of his client for the fastest swift results.

This, he has accomplished by creating his own Code now even cracking the carbohydrate code for thousands of his clients who are now ripped and leaner than ever, the body always staying in shape no matter what the intake was.

 The question you have in mind maybe

  • How many carbs do you need to take in a day?
  • Do I take carbs before my workout if I want to lose fat?
  • what kind of carbs do I need to take before and after my workout?
  • Are higher carbs better than lower carbs?
  • what if I combine carbs with fats?
  • When should I reduce my carb intake? –
  • Should I cycle my carbs? If so, how should I do it?

Obviously everyone wants to know how to perfect their carb intake and honestly, ain’t gonna blame on anyone cause it can be confusing at times, though.

Like, how can people using two totally different approaches as in low carb and high carb still achieve a very amazing body?

No worries, examples are the best define because Stirling has explained one of the most important things you’ll ever learn as you dive deeper into the world of fitness and diet figuring out your own body.

Yes, definitely “Eat less carb” approach will fail and it’s likely causing you to just hold onto your stubborn belly fat as stubborn as it is, it only falls into the category of “one size fits all” carb recommendation, which is why you are never burning your fat faster, building up bigger muscle or say take up your physique into the next mode.

Stirling shared his story on the most inspiring weight loss and cycling of carbs revealing that when in 2008, for WBFF Pro card, dieting for 16 weeks dropping 30 pounds of ugly fats just by increasing his cardio, reducing calories and training hard progressing day after day, getting lean wasn’t the issue at all but just simple diet routine on track helps you keep in shape.

Stress can be a problem because it raises stress hormones (cortisol) and it made you even harder to lose fat.

Here, in this case, Stirling looked up to gurus trying to make up some grounds and shed the last few pounds of fat and water weight before the final weeks of his competition.

A disaster by the end, because the so called guru had suggested to ‘stimulate metabolism’ and to take lesser carb so as to trick the body and stimulate fat burning.

This incident had forwarded Stirling to commit himself to cracking the carb code, once and for all, discovering his very own customised carb calculator helping to determine not only the amount of carb needed but even the phase of dieting, a hit of gold for him, yea of course it’s a phase of success sparkling all over.

He eventually won his Pro Card in 2009 band two short years later won the WBFF World Title. The formula he discovered had helped a lot of his clients and other members providing guaranteed results with service and education on dieting protocols.

Certainly, there are different types of people say like;

  • People who bulge out getting fatter after eating.
  • People, who keep on eating a bit for goodness sake, why don’t they ever get any fatter?
  • People who go ups and downs with sizes, on the basis of their food consumption.
  • People who never get lean, despite repeated medication and exercises

Sizes actually don’t really matter even if you are rich or poor.

I am one of those people who go ups and down with sizes depending on how I eat.

And then there is this friend of mine who eats more than me, yet her size is still like a matchstick, just it is so unfair thinking how God has created us differently this way, sizes, yes.

Cutting the carbs ain’t really gonna work

Cutting the carbs ain’t really gonna work out, though it might sound that easy, everyone might have dreamt of having a toned muscled body with that intention.

Honestly, we can all name that one person who had failed at least once in the efforts of dieting from simply cutting their carbs, if you don’t find one, then maybe that’s probably gonna be you.

It’s painful to watch so many struggles with their diet painful enough to just eat plates of food realizing it’s not worth dieting for.

It’s not that”eat less carb”, “cut the carbs”,  advice that wouldn’t work anytime but definitely those who never seems to become fatter, is it wise for them to cut carbs?


Say people who’ve got this plenty of hard earned muscle and is already lean? But cutting their carbs be more like a spaghetti noodle and does the person who gets fatter by the amount they eat get to cut their carb intake?

It ain’t gonna be easy nor considering enough of his individual needs, now, here, is this lean person, does he need to cut carbs?

Tell you what, ” eat fewer carbs” isn’t the quick and easy solution that various gurus nutritionist and trainers make it out the problems gets sour when the trainee is left with a diet alone and not a lifestyle he should explore to continue.

But of all this understanding the power of customizing your carbs will be a shocking result as in how quickly you burn fat, build muscle and speed up your energy levels.

Does Customized Carb Cycling  Really Work?

There is the question on

Why should you customize your carbs to achieve your best body?

Well, the answer is learning to switch your insulin sensitivity, because your insulin – ignition will help you regulate the storage of carbohydrate fat and protein in your body and transform your physique.

As you eat your meal carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, then glucose level goes up, enters your blood and releases insulin allowing the glucose to enter your liver, muscle and fat cells.

So this is how it works, as you eat a meal, glucose level goes up, insulin goes up, glucose levels go down and insulin levels go down. This cycle happens throughout the day.

More of it to digest is that insulin levels are lowest in the early morning and understanding the appropriate time to eat certain carbs is necessary to make your life simple, not to forget to mention how delicious carbs can be as you keep your body in shape meanwhile.

Carbohydrate has the biggest impact on your blood sugar and insulin levels, it’s important to utilize them properly for health, performance, and well-being.

This program insisted that you can customize your carbs intake to work with your individual workout, body fat levels and your goal without missing out on the most delicious carbs that you love.

Obviously, there is a lot of consideration when you try and eat carbs based on your body composition, workouts, and goals that you are craving for.

What is Carb Cycling? ( by-Sarahs Day)

Another list questions inside your mind maybe mention

  • Hungry shortly after carbs intake.
  • Eating a diet high in the carb?
  • Figuring out to tweak carb cycling?
  • Do you need to lose fat but don’t have time to exercise?

This program will help determine what you should eat, how much to take in with maximum results and more.

There are also myths relevant to your dietary state some of it maybe-

  • Yes, you should eat only carbs in the morning and after your workout.
  • Eating fats with carbs slows down the digestion rate for less rise of insulin in the body.
  • You can’t gain muscle on a low-carb diet
  • A low carb diet is the only way to get lean.
  • Controlling your carbs towards the evening to prevent fast storage.

You see all of these myths are more quite the opposite as we deal with it, which you will find it really.

Yes, there is no chance for you to gain the “to die for” type of shape any longer if you are continuing to dig into something like a myth you know longer will follow anyway.

The customized carb cycling solution makes getting lean body performing well and building
Muscle, it’s simply done while enjoying your favorite food staying alive and happy.

For your interest, this product comes along with a step by step phases to attain the shape you desire and includes free bonuses with supplement guides and details.


Do not buy this program if

  • You are not willing to follow the exact protocol. (We have to be patient for the best results).
  • Hate dieting and always lose motivation.
  • Still wondering with excuses and have a question for yourself.


Guys, it’s just a matter of question as to whether you really have the passion for overcoming the strategies and tackling the weary mindset that is diverging you from having that body, just so you know, you have the capability to fight your inability to be able.


As for myself, I am also one of the gorgeous body freaks trying to encourage my fellow buddies here and there and enjoy the world of fitness by consuming foods you want and like, tell you what?

I can’t go on a day without just having something that includes carbs in the ingredients and hell yes it’s delicious, missing out those beautiful foods is like you just cancel a free trip to L.A.

Eating all those fabulous food, yet maintaining that gorgeous body?

Dream comes to life.

The plus point about this program is that when you invest your hard earn money in this program, you’ll get a 60-day money back guarantee.

There is no risk for you to try this out but only massive benefits for you to gain. So why wait, make the decision today and start today.

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