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His Secret Obsession Review: Does It Work Or Just Another Scam?

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Title: His Secret Obsession
Author: James Bauer
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His Secret Obsession is a guide for women, designed to help understand the perspective of a man and use him to her advantage so that she can plant the seeds of his future with her.

This program is divided into 2 parts, consisting of 17 chapters. The core of the program focuses on men’s hero instinct. It aimed to trigger hero instinct in man and make him step up and devote himself to her. 

It includes lists of techniques to exploit this instinct.

The whole process is designed to really get a man fall for you.  The most basic way to describe what this guide can teach you is the ability to trigger impulsive desire and make a man desire you.

Unlike women, men keep their desires and thoughts bottle up, never to be released. In this book, the author reveals the hidden thoughts and desire that no one will ever share with you.

About the Author of His secret Obsession

This program is created by James Bauer, who is a relationship and dating coach. 

He also authored a book called What Men Secretly Want that teaches how to become irresistible to any man and makes any man give you the respect you desire.  It contains 5 steps to make any man fall in love with you.

James Bauer has worked with thousands of women in his 12 years of careers as a relationship coach.

Overview of His Secret Obsession

Overview of His Secret Obsession

To improve your relationship with your man, you need to drastically improve understanding of your man. This will not only make a better partner for him but make him a better partner too.

Here are two important ways to make him feel impulsive love for you.

Steps 1 – Get Yourself Emotionally In Tune With Him

If you want to have your dream guy addictively fall in love with you and stay with you forever then you need to emotionally in tune with him.

What does being emotionally in tune mean?  It means to connect with the emotional part of his mind rather than the logical. This will make him softer and bring him emotionally closer to you.

However, most women don’t get this! Most women are really appealing to a man’s logical brain by dressing sexy to impress, whipping up a delicious meal or other ways that try to logically convince a man to desire him.

Sadly these techniques don’t work for the most man!

So what’s the missing element?  It is the “male emotion”.  There are some women who can make any man feel incredible and drive absolutely crazy for her.

And yet there is also another woman who does everything right- yet she is never able to get the love or attention she desperately desires from her man.

The bottom line is… if you are able to emotionally in tune with him then you will make him crave you.


Step 2- Make Yourself as a valuable asset in his mind.

What makes a diamond valuable? Is it because they’re so pretty? Or is it because they’re expensive?  The truth of the fact is… diamonds are valuable because they are rare and not easy to acquire.

Prepare yourself as a super valuable asset exactly like a diamond which is rare and a valuable asset.

James Bauer book, His Secret Obsession is divided into two parts


Table of content

Part I: How The Hero Instinct Works

  1. The Secret Longing of Every Man: This module teaches you how to trigger the attraction that awakens a man’s deepest. You’ll learn how men want to feel like your hero and activate the instinct in man.  It assured that these desires are universal, true for every man.
  2. The Unspoken Desire He’ll Never Admit: Following up regarding the Hero Instinct, the goal of this phase is to teach you what man desire in terms of being someone’s hero. According to the author, if his hero instinct is not being met, his attention will inescapably wander until he finds a woman who can give it to him.
  3. Make Him See The Light: This phase will help you change his perception of your relationship. You will probably focus on emotional attraction. The tips included in this section will help you connect with guys on an emotional level.
  4. The Fascination Trigger:  In this module, you’ll learn some of the most potent triggers for an attraction that drives any man crazy with desire for you.
  5. Why Men Say, “I’m just not ready”: Crack what it really means when a man says, he’s just not ready.
  6. How Your Desires Can Fascinate Him: The main objective of this phase is to make him feel good.
  7. The Secret Currency of Happy Relationship: If your relationship is a happy one then over time your love will become stronger and more exciting. This module teaches how to keep your relationship happy and healthy.
  8. Rocket Fuel: How to Build Relationship Momentum Fast: You’ll learn some of the mind-blowing tricks on how to get a guy obsessed with you.   
  9. How To become His Secret Obsession: You’ll learn some of the mind-blowing tricks on how to get a guy obsessed with you.   
  10. Get Deeper Intimacy by Revealing More: You’ll discover some levels of intimacy that a couple needs to progress through together. It is about learning one another, making you feel more connected.  
  11. Three Things That Can Go Wrong (and how to fix them): This phase discusses how to be proactive rather than reactive in a relationship.

Part II: How to Use the Signals

  1. The Private Island” Signal
  2. The “X-ray Question”
  3. The Glimpse Phrase
  4. The Secret “Currency” Of Happy Relationships
  5. The “I Owe You” Signal
  6. The “Damsel in Distress” Signal

 Summary of His Secret Obsession

 Summary of His Secret Obsession

This book gives you a unique glimpse into the mind of a man and what he really wants. It promises to help you understand men better and bring your best to the relationship every day.

You may be surprised to learn that what he desires most has nothing to do with your looks but with respect.

Men in our culture are expected to be strong and heroic but they can be just as insecure, emotional and unsure as to their female counterparts.

They too have their weaknesses and worry points, although they are conditioned to look strong on the outside.

This guide will help you understand what’s going on in his mind and how you can tap into his deeper psychological need which will trigger him to miss you like crazy and love you more.


The great thing about the secret Obsession program is that you can try it for free and receive a 60- day money back guarantee.

This means if you don’t like the result, you can simply request a refund. However, you need to make the request within 60 days from the date of purchase.


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