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How to Approach Your Crush

How to Approach Your Crush
How to Approach Your Crush

If you are searching for tips on how to approach your crush, you are at the right place.

You are here because you like someone and you do not know what to do when you see them or when you are with them, right? 

Honestly speaking, it feels crazy unable to talk to your crush or someone you like. 

Yes, you are like, dying to talk and hang out together, but there is this big “BUT” that is straining your boundary,

Maybe you are too shy? 
Maybe you are afraid that they will not like you back? 
Maybe you don’t know what to tell your crush

Maybe this or maybe that…

Life is like this, so many ups and downs, anyway, after all, you  have to put a little bit of an effort to get yourself together.

Now you see this person in your school/college/neighborhood that keeps your heart racing like some fast-forward television shows or microwave heating up your chest and your face burns. 
You be like, 

“now should I talk?or should I not? “

Tell you what? 

while you are busy with that thought of yours,  who knows you might probably turn your own back and act as though nothing happens as though that person don’t even exist for that moment when you are actually dying to talk to them (i meant to say your height of nervousness).

First of all to start, 

Never be too shy to talk to the person you like, maybe they like you too (keep this in mind, be positive) it gives you a whole lot of courage. 

At this point, you are likely to think,

Do they have a girlfriend/boyfriend? 

Will they say that I am shameless? 

Will they talk to me? 

Will they….?? 

And it goes on……… 
Oh… Really who cares? 
Goodness, they are humans (unless they are some aliens to make you feel really weird and awkward piling up egoistic questions).

Leave them if your head says it’s not right. Your instinct is your best guide at times.

This is the beginning least of all. 
To begin, 
here I have pointed out some tested magic steps to approach your dreamer, the one that makes your eyes shift from left to right and your mind from a state of Steadiness to Unsteady.

So we are going to set out this journey together with only three ways enough to stand up to them. 
Have a look… keep on reading

How to Approach Your Crush

1) Like how attractive they are to you, make yourself attractive, make sure you smell great. And definitely, you cannot just go up to them and talk like some ice machine, before you do, brace yourself and think about what you should tell them, do not make it sound silly; be confident( I like this word, you know).

Create a clean look, absolutely not messy or shady clothing.


“The first impression is the last impression”. 
Take a deep breath, there you go…

2) Be friendly but just don’t get carried away getting flirty around and don’t involve too much physicality while talking, it will piss them off in your very first approach. 
Get to know them more with small talks like “Hi” “hello.” “Good morning” “how was your day? “

You might also want to have their numbers or you are in a hell of luck if they ask for it first. Based on their interest depends on people occasionally. 
How to get their numbers?

  • Do not be too serious while talking, be humorous.
  • Never over talk beyond what is necessary. 
  • Talk about your interest and theirs. (Maybe you share the same interest). 
  • Asking numbers is easy if you know how their mood goes, like creating the right atmosphere to communicate. 
    For example, It was a pleasure talking to you, let’s meet up again mind dialing my number or maybe I should dial yours?“.
    There you go…  Delicious conversation. Isn’t it?
  • Getting your crush’s number is everything. The remaining of the story is how they react towards you or how you handle their conveniences.
  • Never be too much into the friend zone. At times talk about your personal interest and share feelings, like asking what type of person they like and develop a common interest.

3) Have a positive vibe and act natural. Be calm and temperate, 
Do not act like someone you are not so as to impress them, just be you unless you are caught sooner or later, (if you are a shy type, I am being straightforward.  shyness have killed many opportunities. Just nail it instead)

Don’t let it be too easy for them to notice that you like them in public or among friends. The right time will come when they deserve to know your feelings, talking about the right time…

Here Is How 

  • Check out what they are doing in free time, or when they are with their friends, make a move by setting a distance;an angle where they can recognize you or have a glance at you when they do (that’s it) make your signature move naturally. 
  • When they are alone, go up to them, introduce yourself and talk about random stuff you see and add a hint of humor while doing so, make them laugh and let them feel you are giving them a good time. 
    For instance, if you see them in the market or in stores, wait for them to come to your direction and act like you nearly bump into them and take the chance to talk to them and pace up your guts to bring that bright side of yours. (Geez.. come on!! )
  • Smile! Smile, you know is the shortest distance between two persons.  [But hey, don’t go smiling like an idiot, keep it cool and with timely manners].
  • Find the opportunity to borrow or lend books when necessary. This one is awesome,(i even tried it in my high school, it works, though) You know like giving notes and stuff but how? 

~write out the points the teacher had asked to do. 
~watch them after the class. 
~ then approach them or maybe their friends and talk about the assignment given, slowly you will find the attachment growing.

  •  Physical interaction is very important, your gesture while communicating and yes, how you dress defines the impact of your character
    be calm
    -neither talk too much nor be silent, have a defined attitude.
    -observe their way of interaction and body language. 

If they like it(you of course), they will like to talk more on certain topics and definitely will get along then on. 
These three points are as long as some charted list of ten right?
But,  here I am trying to put along with what goes with the other way. 

The last thing I have left to say is…

If your crush isn’t responding to what you try and if they release this negativity aura (you will know it).

Dude, chill! don’t push yourself too hard. 

And never lose hope in the failure you may (may not) receive, just believe in yourself because you are for someone(you cannot stay being that hopeless person forever ).

Well with this, we come to an end. 

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Go, take this challenge and don’t forget to come back and tell us how it goes because we certainly would love to know how it is to have practiced the little things we provide you. 

Sure you are welcome to tell us your new tricks while trying ours. 

It’s tricks for treats. 

Good luck! 

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