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How To Cope With a Breakup| Coping With Painful Feelings

 how to cope with a breakup
 how to cope with a breakup

Looking for tips on how to cope with a breakup? Here are some helpful tips on coping up with break out and cure your broken heart.

“He seems happy, he has moved on as if you never existed in this world.

Perhaps, he has even got a new love and he is moving on, smiling, oblivious of your existence, giving his newly found girlfriend the same love or even more love he once gave you.

But how could you even bear the thought of him being with somebody else? Look at you! You are still stuck at the point where he left you, unable to take a step further from that point.”

Your mind stuffed with all the past memories you made with him, you miss him terribly and cry for him every single day. Your heart turned cold, your world lonely and bleak.

You feel you just can’t do without him. You wonder and wonder how is it possibly true that the person you once truly loved and felt so close to is now a stranger, a distant mirage.

You wonder what is he up to and his whereabouts.  You wonder if ever he ever misses you and thinks of you as you do.

You wonder if he ever thinks of the many memories he made with.  You wonder what his newfound girl looks like and ask

“what does she have that I lack? I loved him even more than she does and I don’t have him now, he is all hers now” then you sort of try to erase your rubbish thoughts and console yourself “rubbish! He does not have a girlfriend yet!”

In that utter hopelessness, you envisage him coming back to you in a distant future which you know you will never happen.truggling to cope with a break up

Your mind filled with his thoughts alone, your whole being can’t figure out the mixed, unfathomable and unintelligible paradoxes of feelings you have for him.

You want him to pay big for breaking your heart yet you can’t bear to see him suffer. It hurts to see him happy while you cry but it would rather hurt more to see him unhappy.

If you ever bump into him, you imagine you would pick up a stone and hit him hard yet you know you would rather run to him, kiss him, hold him tight and never he goes again.

You pray and pray to make him fall in love with you all over again and come back to you yet you smirk that you would rather kick him hard even if he comes back. 

How you wish you could have him arrested for committing the crime of breaking your heart and slaying your love!

You rail at your fate, helplessly tossing in your bed and ask “why it has to be me who has to cry? Why me, the victim?”  

You don’t want to play the game people play. You lost faith in love and relationship. You can’t feel the sunshine anymore. Hearing the laughter around makes you feel even more unfair because you can’t smile.

All you could hear is the cry of your heart and hissing sound of the unanswered questions of “why” from within, why me, why this? No matter how dramatic it sounds, this is the plight of a forsaken and heartbroken lover.

And let me tell you, in a relationship the one who loves more is always the victim.  

Today, I say, you have had enough. Just go get a life! Here is what you need to do to get over your tormenting past and move on with a stronger, braced, lesson-learned you and cope with a breakup.

Tips On How To Cope With A Breakup

  • Make friends and go out with them and have fun.  Do everything you love, show yourself and your ex that you can do even better without him. Flirt around with cool guys and divert your mind (you will love this freedom).  But hey, make sure that you don’t fall into a short-sighted relationship just because you want to forget the past. Never commit the mistake of random hooking up just to get over your ex. It won’t work! It will not help to cope with a breakup. Let the healing come from within in its own pace.

cope with break up

  •  It’s okay to cry and let it out when you feel like doing so but don’t let it overwhelm you and take control of you for too long.
  • You can pen down your feelings and pour out your heart in your diary entry but don’t read them until you are fine. Read them, times down the line, when you have completely gotten over the pain of your heartbreak.
  • It is not a good idea to go to places you used to go with your ex. Avoid listening to soft music and sentimental love songs that will take you down the memory lane. Always make to stay in a company of your friends. The gifts and tokens he gave you, keep them aside for sometimes if you don’t want to burn them or throw them away.
  • Scent or fragrance has a very strong provocative effect on people and memory. So if certain scent reminds you of your ex or your past memory, change it the right way.  Dress good, wear makeup on and feel beautiful and rekindle the flame of the beauty and youth in you.
  • Post break up is the period when you need to keep strengthening your emotional and psychological resilience. If you are somebody who believes in God, casting your cares and heartbreak to God is one way you get strengthened.  God cares and listens!
  • It is always a helpful choice to take advice from people who have had heartbreak and bad experience in love. Listen to how they cope up with break up, their misery and you moved on…
  • Eat healthily and think healthy. See, when your love life is affected, the whole web of physical, and spiritual, professional, psychological life is affected. So tend your heartbreak with good care and take good care of your own health.
  • Your break-up hurts immensely but it is not the end of the world. Love happens more than once! Your ex is not even a speck in the planet of untold men. Lastly, but not the least, never talk shit or ill of him despite he dumped you big. We never get anything good by talking bad about the person we have once loved.

I hope these tips help you on your way struggling to cope with a breakup.