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How To Deal With Financial Stress And Anxiety

How To Deal With Financial Stress And Anxiety
How To Deal With Financial Stress And Anxiety

Looking for a way to cope with financial stress and anxiety?

In this article, you will learn how to deal with financial stress and how to overcome them.

First of all,

What is ‘STRESS’?

STRESS is the pressure resulting to physical and emotional displacement in your body, the feeling of being under pressure due to regrets, dissatisfaction, relationships, office works, business, and other matters.

“STRESS” is deadly, I am positive that you must have heard of people either young or old who died of heart attack, blood pressure with no particular symptoms or illness, that culprit is the silent killer, Stress.

[In fact, it is scarier than a serial killer, yes!  Stress kills]

How Financial Stress Affects Your Health? 

I am sure that you must have perhaps read lots of expertise and research articles on how to manage a happy life circle or whatever it is called.

But here, in my article, I write from my own experience and oh,  yes,  after I have read through a whole lot of books and sites, when on my own pilgrim journey to dealing my problems.

(.. Now, I am getting carried away again.)
Coming back

-› Recent studies have found out that up to 70-90% of people visit the doctors for stress-related problems of which 74% experienced chronic emotional distress causing them to seek help for their anxiety and related emotional hardships and problems.

-› Millions of Americans go to bed each night with the image of bankruptcy and debt collector being portrayed as a mirage in front of them.

Of course not only the Americans but the whole nation as such have sleepless hours thinking about tax, debts and while worrying over all those, more they tend to drift away from caring less about their own health issues, ultimately the body responds in such a manner that is frightening.

How does this make you weak, as yet fat and get tired easily?

You may think;
–› I am healthy,
–› I eat a proper diet,
–› I exercises

I do this and that and lots of stuff you probably might have done, heaven forbid, in no sense many a time which may seem unreasonable also.

YOU DID and it doesn’t seem to have any impact on you.

Because buddy, you are doing it the wrong way and it is literally making you worse than before.

Our body is designed to handle short-term exposure to stress which disrupts your normal levels of hormones which ultimately change to make you “fat, sick, and tired”.
Let me tell you,

I am not quite a businessman or a particular shareholder but one thing I know is
Finance is not a joke (one major stressor of stress)

  • It may either be your lifeline or your deadline.
  • Cause you to desert yourself from others.
  • Mental and physical breakdown.
  • Anger, frequent headaches, tensions, impatience.
  • Makes you feel like the fattest man alive (excessive eating)
  • Bother your sex life.
  • Fatigues and decreases energy.

When you are under pressure

You are most likely to eat sweet stuff with high-fat foods or rich sugar drinks. Or finishing up whatever you see is eatable which in turn makes you feel like ignoring the mirror then on.


(Research has indicated that when we are under stress our body processes foods differently that may lead you to gain weight in the end.)

Say for example you have never wanted to eat cookies, afraid you’d get fat, but on a day you get tired or stressed out definitely you will forget your ” fat” theory and finish up, probably it might end up being your favourites.

It is easy to see how financial worries contribute to high levels of chronic stress which can significantly decrease the quality of your lifespan.

You will consequently feel fatigued, worn out and laze off leaving your room in a mess, waking up to find yet another strategy of giving up and repeatedly questioning to yourself,

“Why did I do that?”
“Why is this happening? “
“How?” “Why? “

You may even suffer from chronic stress and pain attached to an emotional pressure that will affect your mentality and cause you to shrink from the society.

You may find your financial problems and stress affecting your sex life, because when under pressure your body refuses to response entirely to your state of normalcy desire.

Our human mind and body relate and respond to our performances and is able to control the mechanism circulating inside and outside our body when we are either happy or sad, our body is an extremely sensitive Working Centre.

Men may experience a loss of testosterone because stress can also make males more prone to infection in the testes, prostate gland, and urethra.
Women who are under stress may not menstruate regularly and can experience premenopausal symptoms.

This stress hormone (chronic stress) makes you feel sluggish and can cause you to gain weight, consequently developing a negative body image which is a great impact on a relationship and stuff.

Now the question comes to


Worry not; you can do it because it’s all in your hands
To have a happy less stressful life and dealing with money stress, I’d like to suggest some tips;

  • Exercise regularly even if it’s just 10-15 minutes, try breaking sweats, and charm yourself in the mirror. Drink adequate amount of water cause water does wonder in the body and to maintain a proper diet.
  • Socialize with friends and families like outing together and having fun with things you all enjoy doing, not to forget to bring back the atmosphere of when you are that kid everyone loves to talk about and cut jokes with.
  • Try to take lessers amount of money when you go shopping or eat out and travel less if possible.
    Make yourself aware that your credit card is your food itself when necessary.
  • Revisit your closet and repair clothes that have been there for some month long, you can even put it on online shopping sites for selling your used goods from decorative material to clothing and much more; there are various websites for wrapping your old goods.
  • You can even donate it to homeless people, or maybe get your goods exchange in your local shops, and you know that blessings come all the way in any form.
  • Instead of spending money on decorating your house, you can choose your hobbies in place of market stuff so that it serves you as a beneficial source both to yourself and to your home.
  • Get paid for your hobbies. Make money with blogging by sharing your perspective thoughts about the particular field of interest.
  • Ponder about your day’s activities every night and list it out if you are not satisfied with it, try again the next day and on again. By the end of the week, you will see yourself getting improved.
  • Keep Yourself busy with the things you enjoy such as reading journals, cooking, gardening, singing, dancing as far as it does not include smelling your dollars in your hand while doing so.


Do not waste your money on drinks and clubbing just because you are worried or happy, there are lots of useful ways to spend your money on.

Associate with good friend circle and develop the adjustment of health talks and discuss matters together.
Be practical and make awesome use of your incredible talent God gave you.

It was great having to communicate with you guys through this article.

I really hope that you will never be too over stressful and believe that the next time you are in trouble you will kiss problems goodbye, have that enthusiasm that you can do it and I believe that you have the ability to do it.


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