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How to Make Him Want You More and More

How to Make Him Want You More and More
How to Make Him Want You More and More

This article will teach you how to make him want you more and obsess about you and make him miss you more and more.

There are shares of contributions both the concerned lovers have to make in their own parts in every relationship.

“I love you for who you are” but “I hate you for what you do” are two paradoxical things feeling many people experience in a relationship.  

“I’m so much in love with my girlfriend.  She is my bottomless pit; I keep falling for her over and over again. I just love everything about her and everything she does” said an ardent lover, a friend of mine.

I joked that he is been blinded and his reason is impaired and that she is very lucky but I’m sure she must be doing her part well to be the ‘bottomless pit’ of her lover. 

If you happen to search online for tips on how to make him want you more, that’s because you either feel your boyfriend is indifferent to you lately or you know your man already loves you but you still want him to love you more.

Either way, the few tips I’m going to put down here are things every man loves in women or relationship. Try these tips out and make your man falls back to you or be the bottomless pit of your man.

10 Tips on How to Make Him Want You More

1: Show him your love: Show him through your action that you do really love and care for him. (Of course, that includes that you trust him). 

Let him feel your love to the core but don’t show yourself to be a dump love blinded lady love. Some men tend to take advantage over their girlfriends when they know that their girlfriends are dumb and head over heels in love with them.

2: Make yourself pricy and reserved: Being with the man you love is the best thing and everybody wants to spend time with their love.

But sometimes, if you don’t give him space and cling on to him 24X7 that could sort of suffocate him. Give him his due space and freedom. 

Sometimes make yourself unavailable and give him a chance to miss you, give him a time to long and pine for you.  Give him a chance to experience how it feels like to be without you. Once he realizes the horror of ‘you-less’ in his life, he will love you over and over again.  But don’t give him a chance to get used to without you.

3: Encourage him: Encourage him to do things he loves doing. Support his passion and help him do things of his interest. Compliment and appreciate him for good things he does.  

If your boyfriend loves football and you don’t, you still got to watch the match with him for his interest.  Don’t forget about the share of self-compromise you got to make in a relationship.

4: Be sexy for him: Seduce him and entice him with all the charm you have. Sometimes, surprise him in bed by wearing hot lingerie, bite your lips and glide before him and show how naughty you can be just for him.

I know this sounds very filmy but that’s the way you show how happening and seductive you can be exclusively just for him and making him want you more.

5: Dress for him: Many couples groom themselves and dress at best in the initial courting period of their relationship.

But they already had each other, they don’t really care what they wear and how they look because they know they love each other for who they are.

Well, that’s the reality. But still, it is necessary to stay attractive to each other. So wear makeup and beautiful dress especially for him sometimes and make him feel that pride “wow! This dead gorgeous lady is mine!”  Every woman wants to hear their boyfriend say “you look beautiful, sweetheart”

So stay attractive and beautiful and hear it out, every day, this will make him want you even more and more.

6: Have him known that you have other suitors: If there are other men hitting on you, let your man (love) also know about it.

Human beings have that selfish desire that when a thing of our very own is desired by others, we wanted it even more. The desire to possess that thing and call it as “my very own” becomes stronger when our full ownership of it is jeopardized.

If your boyfriend comes to know that other men are hitting on you, he might become even more possessive about you but that’s because he wants you more.

But if you make him feel very insecure by flirting back the other men that will create an unpleasant commotion in your relationship.

Assure you man “I know there are other men who love me but darling, I love you, you and you alone”. It will surely make him love you more.

7: Talk about “you” (him and you): Talk about how wonderful and beautiful that you and he has to happen in this big wide world teeming with people.

In spite of or despite many men and women these planets, you chose each for each other to be with each other. Isn’t it amazing that your arbitrary destinies bring you together? Be thankful to each other and value each other for existing in the world of your time.

8: Surprise him: If you love surprises, do that. Show him how happening and interesting you can be. Make him feel special.

You know what your man likes and dislikes, do things that will make him smile. Avoid doing things that will put him off.

Don’t ask your man to worship you. Just do things that will make him adore you. Court and woo each other as if it’s the exciting initial period of your relationship or your honeymoon.

9: Don’t dictate him: suggestions and corrections are good but don’t try to dictate or dominate your boyfriend.

Sensible men do not like it when their women try to always drive them in their direction or make thing always happen in their own ways. Don’t forget to show your respect for him.

10: Be honest with him: And never forget to be honest with him. Give him a chance to chose to love you with all your flaws. Be your true self. It will make him want more for your honesty.