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Life is Full Of Ups And Downs | How to Deal With Life

Life is Full Of Ups And Downs | How to Deal With Life
Life is Full Of Ups And Downs | How to Deal With Life

The winter has already begun and with the fog growing thicker and thicker, I ‘m fully convinced that it has brought our sense back to the fact that another year is finally coming to an end.

I really don’t know where to begin with, time just flies. One moment we were at the starting line and the next moment we are on the other side!

It was fun though. In fact, it was exciting and I don’t really understand why everything good has to end so quickly.

Albert Einstein once said “ I love to travel, but hate to arrive,” I think at this very moment, I couldn’t really agree more with him. But things happen in life and sometimes we got to accept it. Nothing is permanent, things keep changing.

Life is a mixture of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, pain and pleasure. We can’t always expect all the good things to happen to us every time.

And we should also know that the goddess of fortune keeps on changing her favorites. She’s dynamic by nature and she’s been too volatile to stick to a place or a person for a long time.

Therefore, undesirable things can happen to us anytime, anywhere and we should learn to them boldly. But at times, the weaker hearts might lose hope in a moment of misery and pain. Some of them are even driven to commit suicide or some other crime.

They do not know that bad times do not stay forever.

A beautiful line by P.B. Shelley in one of his poems – “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” I think Shelley sounds perfectly right because in life, joys and sorrows go side by side and the bad times are inevitable.

He is full of hope and is pretty sure that when it’s time, the dark cloud of sorrows will clear away on its own. You just don’t have to give up! One should, therefore, learn to take life in a calm and dignified manner; we should learn to be humble in times of prosperity and graceful in times of adversity.

Well, this whole year, I’m sure many of you have worked hard enough and at this end of the year, many of you must be expecting a whole lot of things from the efforts you’ve put in.

Continue doing the good work, especially the ones who haven’t received their reward. Do not worry; it isn’t far away. Sometimes the reward of your hard work may be delayed, but it cannot be denied.

The paddy in the field does not grow on its own. Great effort has been put and they are intensively taken care of. Lots of time and tons of energy are spent on it.

But at the end, we reap in joy. The fruit of labor may be late, but they are very sweet. One must never lose hope in life.

In fact, all human efforts are based on hope- a sick man hopes to be well sooner, a poor man hopes to be a richer person,  a man who feels, hopes to succeed someday and that’s what keeps me going.!

I hope that my bad times will soon be over.

So, it is hoped that sustains life and provides strength and energy to carry on. We must move on we can’t afford to let the evil and obstacles overcome us!

The world isn’t going to wait for us… Well, anyone who has seen a stranger in a metro/railway station knows this fact very well. People out there will keep rushing and they don’t really have much time.

They will keep running after their own goal and in fact, we are also one of them. The moment we stop- we will be pushed out of the crowd and will be left far behind.

I don’t think anyone of us would like to end up this way!

Life isn’t always a bed of roses. Sometimes in life, things could get worst. Sometimes we feel we are trapped and doomed by the chains of worldly sorrow, we think we can never make it though.

But every dark cloud, they say, has a silver lining. You just have to hold on a little bit longer. With patience and courage, there’s always a way out.

We just have to find the passage and get to the brighter side of it. Your problems may look like a mighty mountain, but make sure you don’t bow down to it.

Well, next time whenever you feel you are in such a situation, be optimistic and always remember that they do not last long because it comes…. Can spring be far behind?