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Mirror of Error| How to Be successful In life 

Mirror of Error| How to Be successful In life
Mirror of Error| How to Be successful In life

This world is full of error and storms waiting to brew. Until recently each of us had developed in substantial ignorance of error in our life.

But the image in the” Mirror of error” of our life has never been a glance at and analyzed.

It has become a chronic ailment which generally affects the striving members of our society and this usually results in a serious decline of motivational immune systems.

Unfortunately, its diagnose is not as common as its occurrence that is to say; we are affected and we are suffering from the disease without even knowing that we are affected and we are waiting for the storm to brew.

Our forefathers co-existed with nature harmoniously and sail with the winds of detachment from corruption.

But we are caught in the vicious cycle of corruption. It has entrenched our society that has devastated our entire economic, political and social fabric of our society.

Each of us is looking for loopholes to cheat the systems, but there is also a competition. It is a natural tendency of all human beings to strive for happiness and to improve their situation in life. The success of our journey depends on what we put first.

The danger lies in making material goals over priority. When we equal riches with happiness, we immediately become vulnerable to compromising those very principles established to safeguards us.

Today, it is not only the good people who are frustrated but also the cheats and crooks because they meet bigger cheats and crooks.

But we only try to break the mirror instead of analyzing the error and mend it. The fact is that in this cut-throat, consumer-oriented world, most of us likely to face frequent temptations to compromise our principles.

Once we make anything in the outside world our priority, we can be easily tempted to ignore our scruples.

Once we have enjoyed a measure of good life, the life of sensual indulgence. We may get attached to it and not prepared to let it go.

Most of us students fail in our endeavors because of procrastination or making the wrong choices.

We make a wrong choice of doing things at wrong times. We delay and postpone our studies and the result is that we meet despair, dejection, and regrets.

On the other hand, we never look at the mirror of student’s life intelligently and wisely that go a long way in equipping the knowledge to face the grueling battle of life.

To be successful in life we need to live a Godly life, exhibits the character of God. Many times we would face hardships and situation that test our patience and resilience.

To be successful in life we need to live a Godly life,

Shame, regret, and exasperation should only encourage us to try harder. We should not regret our past life instead go forward, start with God and finish up what we have left behind.

When we are successful, we should not go back to your old unsuccessful life. It does not help to worry about our failures, which are in fact the very stepping stones that will lead us to ultimate success.

Thus rather than breaking the mirror of error, we must try to diagnose our mistakes and strengthen our resolve to light the path and erase the error.

The broken mirror will never reflect our mistakes in life instead, it will distort our actions and confused us as if we are standing guard at our own prison door.

We cannot constantly worry about the fact that we are not studying, working and apparent progress in our life. We cannot torment ourselves over the idea that we are not able to control the error, agonies over our repeated blunders and try to break the mirror.

When a person is confronted with a problem in a situation in which there is tension, he/she should judges or evaluates in order to release tension and restore order instead of breaking the mirror and blurred it.

When the mirror is broken, the paralysis afflicts more severe than actually served as we do not know the actual image.

Hence in order to recuperate from this recurring error, we should use all the care, encouragement, and support that we get.

What we can do is analyzed each error which actually paralyzes our life and kills the symptoms to move forward.