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Review On Old School New Body By Steve & Becky Holman

Review On Old School New Body By Steve & Becky Holman
Review On Old School New Body By Steve & Becky Holman

Old School New Body is a fitness and Bodyshaping program for men and women of all ages developed by Steve Holman and Becky Holman.

The secret contained in the system is the F4X workout methods which stand for Focus 4 exercise.  These 4 exercises are Squat, Incline Press, Bent Over Row, and Upright row.

F4X system calls for moderate poundage’s for less joint stress and relies on high muscles fatigue for intensity- which means short rest between sets.

For instance, let’s say, you’re doing curls and you pick a weight with which can go about 15 repetitions.  

But instead, you do only 10. You rest for 30 to 35 seconds then do 10 more with the same weight. And go on until you finished the specified number of sets or until you can’t do another.

The number of exercises or F4X workout plan endorsed in this program differs depending on the experiences and goals, comprising of 10 minutes per body part with the total workouts ranging from 30 to 45 minutes.

The first two weeks of the program primarily focuses on the short, brief and high-intensity workout believing that the rapid fat loss is accomplished through exercise intensity, not duration.

The F4X system mostly aimed to target the majority of muscle fiber to develop a stronger force.

The muscles fibers directed by Steve Holman F4X have two main constituents-Myofibrils and Sarcoplasm.

The myofibrils are a muscles fibril, formed by numerous actin and myosin filaments. It is like a rope gripping and pulling across one another. There are hundreds of myofibrils in each muscles fiber.

And the sarcoplasm’s is the fluid surrounding the myofibrils, which contains the mitochondrial where fat is burned, which is very important for burning fat and staying lean.

The Old School New Body includes high-intensity workouts and provides varied solutions depending on the need for your fitness and health goals.  

It claimed that workouts of this program will not only help you shed your extra pounds but also helps you build your muscles, give you perfect body fitness and it enhance your cardiovascular system simultaneously.

In fact, weight lifting is an activity associated with reversing the aging process at a gene level.  To be precise, the objective of this system is segmented into three phases, Weight-loss, Shape, and Build.

Our goal is to show you the simplest, the most efficient, safest way for you to do… it does not take a lot of suffering or time and the results are immense. The key to overriding the decaying code is daily exercises, emotional commitment, reasonable nutrition and a real engagement with living-  Steve Holman

About the Authors

The program is created by a team of 3 well-known people, Steve Holman editor in chief of Iron Man magazine, Becky Holman and John M.Rowly who was considered to be “ America’s lifestyle strategist”.

About Author

Summary of the Old School New Body By Steve & Becky Holman

The program consists of well-organized 14 chapters and 101 pages.

It will be too tedious to go by chapter wise so I have put two chapters under a subtitle and have given an overview of what each chapter respectively deal with.

Chapter 1&2

fat into musclesChapter 1 and 2  are titled as The F4x System Turning Fats Into Muscles and the F4X lean workout.

According to Steve Holman, heavy lifting harm the body then it does good to it and destroys the immune system.

The principle exercises prescription presented in this chapter varies depending on your experience and health goal.

The workout system included in these chapters is to build muscle while burning off your body fat. 


Chapter 2 gives a step by step instruction on how to carry out  F4X lean workout of the method accordingly in each week. 

The workout is designed in such a way that it must be done for three days, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of 30 minutes in a week with four basic exercises per workout.  The 4 key workouts move of the F4X system include,

  • Squats ( dumbbells at sides of thighs)
  • incline presses( on knees or toes),
  • bent-over rows,
  • dumbbell upright rows.

The aim of these major key moves is to train your major muscle groups in your body. The chapter focuses on the method to let your muscle get used to the new stress of weight resistance.

Therefore, it starts with light-weight in the beginning and gradually increases the number of workout sets each week.

It also presented the workouts tips with the pictures along with its precise instructions which can help you get the steps accurately and precisely.

Another plus point about getting along with the F4X method is that the authors have foresightedly prepared and some relevant questions/queries and answers which you could probably ask in regards to this workout method so that you know exactly what you must or must not do.


Chapter 3 &4  

Joint Rejuvenation: Pain-free sanity Chapter 3 titled as Joint Rejuvenation: Pain-free sanity starts off by introducing some food and eating habits that can cause joint inflammation and some food that have a positive effect in joint and help relieve joint pain.

The workout methods reveal in this chapter act as natural solutions to various joint inflammations many people suffer. 

This chapter precisely explains and instructs the kind of exercise you must do to relieve various joint problems in your body.

It also reveals the F4X secret methods and the art of ‘ know- how’ to execute to some of the most common joint Problem such as elbow pain, knee pain, back pain and shoulder pain.

Chapter 4 gives quick highlights of how weightlifting is associated with the reversing of the aging process. 

They discuss a great deal about motivating you to get used to the efforts of healthy living as part of your lifestyle.

So that the efforts you put on it do not appear as a demanding effort but rather a normal lifestyle/ habit.

It includes a list of tips on how to create a healthy lifestyle habit to bring about a healthy and fit body. 

They ask you for your consistency and commitment to follow the F4X workout method and cultivate healthy eating habit at least for 30 days no matter what and assure you a positive change in your life like never before.

Chapter 5 & 6
Weightlifting is not only to build muscle but to burn fat in your body which eventually is weight loss.  The f4x workout does not target just a part of your body but it targets overall muscle in your body.

The authors suggested that in addition to F4X weight workout, keeping cardio simultaneously is a wise choice as it keeps your heart and circulatory system healthy and pumping long and strong.
Becky Holman’s transformation

Chapter 6 is more of a testimonial exposition of Becky Holman’s transformation, the co-author of this system of how she got the inspiration and the trajectory to achieving the perfect desired body and fitness which she has now. 

It also covers Becky’s workout and dietary plans called Becky’s 10 old school new body transformation tips which are her secret to attaining the perfect body and fitness. Her diet tips include primarily of eating a substantial amount of fiber and vegetables.

Her diet tips include primarily of eating a substantial amount of fiber and vegetables.

Chapter 7& 8 

Titled as F4X Shape workout Lard-to hard Blast-off, chapter 7 is one of the most important and crucial chapters of this system. 

It required three days of workout a week.

This program is designed to train the hard muscle, promote growth hormone release, give you plenty of recovery time provide cardiovascular due to the short rest between sets. It’s all about growth to prevent decay. Steve Holman

Chapter 8 the F4X all Dumbbell Workout, explores the techniques on how you could execute the F4X workout method with the selectorized sets of dumbbell and adjustable bench in your own home.

IF4X workout t has included precise and step-by-step guideline with pictures on when and how to go about with F4X dumbbell workouts for those of you who want to go beyond weight loss and achieve shapely and sleekly body fitness.

Chapter 9 and 10

In this section, they are given a gist of information on diets. It highlights the timing of carbohydrate intake.

They said that inclusion of some good Carbs in your diet is in fact, beneficial.

This chapter talks a great deal about the importance of maintaining insulin levels throughout the day, except for the workout days.  

Chapter 10 also focuses on meal direction and eating healthy guidelines. They talk about the need for inclusion of protein food in the meals.  Protein has a great deal of building muscle and burning fat in the body.

It also explained the importance of keeping the balance between intake and carbs intake.  They also have presented detail of the daily diet for each author which can benefit you chose the daily diet plan accordingly.

This chapter included a list of ten important Old School and New Body eating tips which will prove very beneficial for you.

CHAPTER 11 &12

In chapter 11 the authors point out some harmful side effects of alcohol and how unguarded consumption of it can cause multiple health problems.  According to them, moderate consumption of alcohol, especially red wine at least two days in a week could prove some positive benefits.  In fact, red wine is proven to have fat-burning properties.

Chapter 12 introduces three key Fat-to-muscles supplements. They are Whey Protein, Branched Chain Amino Acids, and Phosphatidylserine.  However, these supplements are not mandatory, but they could give speedy result losing weight and gaining muscle and body fitness.

Chapter 13 &14

Chapter 13 titled as Old School, New Body Q&A, consists of various sets of questions and answers, that you would like to know in regards to losing weight, building muscles, shaping the body, fitness etc covering such as exercise tips, diet information, etc.

These questions are prudently designed in such a way that it will answer to all the need and queries of the aspirants keeping in mind that these are the probable queries/questions you could ask. These serve as a supplement tips to the F4X protocol. 

Chapter 14 is exclusively designed for those people who want to go beyond F4X Lean workout and F4X Shape workout to some more serious bodybuilding program.

Pros Points Of Old School New Body

  • You do not need a gym subscription to follow the program. You can do it in your home with the sets of workouts as demanded by this system.
  • The F4X workout systems are not demanding, it only requires 90 minutes of your time per week.
  • It gives solutions to both men and women of different age according to their need and health goal.
  • The methods are simple yet not easy but effective
  • The methods are based on research, science, proven methods and self-experience of well know health and body icons.


Cons Points Of Old School New Body

  • The program is available online in PDF ebook only.
  • The program do not provide precisely or step-by-step emphasize on meal plan and no recipes
  • The program demands your self-commitment and dedication


Well, I haven’t actually tried out the F4X systems so I cannot recommend you to try this out based on my experience. But a lot of positive responses have been received from many people.  

So literally, anyone who is on the track to lose weight in a natural way with no side effect, who are in wants of muscles, perfect health fitness may consider it.

The product is available for 100% cash back policy. You get 2 months time to see if it works for you and should you find the result of the program unsatisfactory and seek for money refund, you can claim full money within 60 days of the product purchase.


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