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Survive The End Days Scam | Don’t Buy Before You Read This Review

survive the end days
survive the end days

The book Survive The End Days is written in a typical religious perspective on the much predicted and talked about, alarming doomsday.

According to Christian belief and predictions of many other cultures, the world will come to an end.

Shepard’s eBook, survive the end days is written to help people prepare, protect and survive the disastrous and chaotic days of the end of the world as the author claims.

This book takes you to the world completely sans of the mechanized and techno-driven world that we are living in today or what we called “ the dark ages” where you survive not with all the extravagance of science and technology but solely by knowing the art of ‘natural survival skills ‘.

To be honest, this is rather a rhetorical, mediocre and skeptical production wherein the author manipulates the whole idea of second coming to suit his purpose. 

A lot of information especially the juxtaposition of the biblical prophecies with the contemporary happening sounds typical, bizarre and nonsensical.

On the first look, it is no doubt an absurd book.  Nevertheless, it is an awakening call for many people to always keep the spiritual life alert as a Christian. 

Besides, it gives a great deal of information and tips and on how to survive in any disastrous situation especially at the time of unpredictable natural calamities and apocalypse. 

The survivals tips given in this book are no doubt educative and helpful.


What Do The Survive The End Days Tell About?

Chapter 1: Revelations At The End Of Times

Revelations on the end of times The first section underlines shepherd’s prediction about the end of the world and unravels his research on the causes of the end of the world.  

Taking selected biblical prophecies and passages from the Bible, he has used them to suit his purpose, juxtaposing the biblical prophecies with the contemporary happenings.  

He allegorizes biblical Babylon as America and says that the fall of this great nation is at hand as predicted in the Bible. 

He foretells a world prowling with wars Russia and its allies against the US in particular.

According to the author,

Our world would be destroyed by three types of weapons-Biological, Chemical and Nuclear out of which nuclear attack the most deadly and dangerous weapon, will leave us in stark nakedness and defenseless.

He said that lack of technology and electricity or “off the grid” scene would make all our’ life sources’ handicapped.  

The EMP attack is what the author says will completely destroy the all the electric circuits and electronic devices and cause the mechanized nation to collapse and the end of the mechanized world would mean the end of the world.

Chapter 2: What Exactly Is an EMP?

In this section, he expounds what EMP ( Electro-pulse Magnet Disturbance)  is all about and its mechanism in this technological ruled world. 

He writes, “An EMP is an advanced technological weapon that fries electrical circuits and systems, by overcharging them with millions of voltages… an EMP attack will immobilize the entire country.

This chapter goes on expound and explain a complete detail of which devices we use today are vulnerable to the EMP attack and how exactly does an EMP affect the electronics. 

It tells us what, how and why necessary preparation and precaution should be made to survive this nuclear EMP/HEMP attack.

 Chapter 3: Why Struggle To Protect Electronics?

This chapter teaches a great deal of which devices to shield from EMP attack and why.

It also teaches step-by-step instructions on how to make Faraday cage on your own for you are going to need it and which inevitable supplies must be stored in it.

A Faraday cage is a tightly fitted case that has scientifically been proven to protect your electronics.

Chapter4: Planning in Advance: Preparing Is Vital

Planning in advance: Preparing is vitalAs the title of the chapter indicates, this chapter tells you all about preparation. It tells you of the tips on how to prepare food and shelter to keep you and your family provided with basic needs.

It teaches you of how to, first of all, take care of your own family and children and instruct them how to keep themselves safe.

The author unravels of the basics supplies and inevitable important needs and you need to equip yourself with selectively.

He also reveals other alternative means of survival that you should rely  on the worst time in the world or in the emergency situation in our lives

Chapter 5: Life-saving techniques

This is one practical chapter of this book which I find is very informative and educative for everyone.

This chapter gives guidelines on the idea of self-medical care and tips on natural and self-healing. 

It trains us on how to avert sicknesses and apply first aid care if need be for various physical injuries and ailments.

Chapter 6: Security: When the Fight for Survival Becomes Real

In this chapter, the author instructs you on the type of shelter you should construct to ensure maximum security of your family from the attackers.  

It teaches on how to use your surroundings, design the house setting according to your advantage under any circumstances.

The chapter shows you a great deal of the house design you should avoid, to be on the safe side. 

The chapter also tells you about the need for some essential self-defense weapons you need to equip yourself with and how and when to use them.

Chapter 7: Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra MileThe primary objective of this chapter is to teach you how to prepare your mind and emotion for anything to happen next.

The chaotic and war-time is not only about keeping yourself ready with tools and weapons but most importantly, keeping your mind and sense in a sound state so as to be able to take a right decision at the right time. 

It also teaches you how and what to teach your family and how to find ways to ally yourself with others to survive the apocalypse.

Chapter 8: Final Thoughts

This chapter sums up the whole idea of the whole text, that is, the preparation for the end of the world.

Advantage Point Of Survive The End Days

  • In the spiritual context, It is an awakening call for the sleeping Christians
  • It contains a lot of useful information on the art of surviving in natural/primitive ways, especially in the emergency situation.
  • It will be very informative and helpful for natural calamity victims.
  • It is very educative for trekkers and adventurers, travelers and explorers
  • The self-invented devices can prove very helpful
  • Especially for the rural dwellers and forest dwellers, this book has many things to teach you.
  • The art of self-invention of useful tools and devices are shown through visual demonstration with instruction precisely.
  • This book contains useful information not necessarily to survive the end days but that can be used in our everyday life.

Disadvantage Point Of  Survive The End Days

  • The title of the book survive the end days itself is what I find problematic. I would have loved it if the title has nothing to do with the biblical doomsday and had he not manipulated bible passages.
  • The bible passages he uses at an interval to substantiate/ justify his points are really lame and inappropriate. You cannot establish justified connection/ relation between the Bible passages and the author’s points. 
  • Rhetorical questions -The contents are well single-mindedly self-designed and manipulated to suit the author’s purpose.
  • The book is dramatic and filmy. You find yourself distorted into a thriller/war movie
  • The bible prophecies cannot be condemned wrong but the author has selectively taken and interpreted them to serve his purpose. To claim it as a literal fulfillment of what is prophesized in the bible could be problematic. It is a good as a literary interpretation, though.
  • The initial chapters could bore you to death with the concept of world’ economy and politics and the concept and terms of physics and chemistry.
  • The book is too typical and the perspective is too single sided and clearly, it is for limited/specific audience( Americans)
  • The book sounds like a kids tale wherein an adult made up a story and take the kid listeners to the land of adventures and catharsis them.
Final Verdict

Well, I’m not a fan of this book. Some claims made by this book are really lame and unreal. In fact, I get irritated with the way how the bible prophecies are diplomatically manipulated solely to suit the author’s purpose.

While the end of time is unknown to anyone, but I do not deny the fact that there is much practical information one can extract from this book even for our daily use.

Especially for the people, who want to escape the hustle and bustle life of the modern world, this book you must read.

This book would have proved useful during the time of the World War I and II. Well, our world is an unpredictable world, wars, and natural calamities are uncertain.   

So those people who are not skeptic like me, you may like to take a test drive… besides, this product comes with a policy of 100% cash book wherein you can claim for refund of your money in case you don’t it satisfactory.


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