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Text Your Ex Back Review by Michael Fiore | Does It Work?

Text Your Ex Back Review by Michael Fiore | Does It Work?
Text Your Ex Back Review by Michael Fiore | Does It Work?

Text Your Ex Back is a step by step guide and implementation manual, designed for love-stricken victims.

Taking into account my own personal experience and research on human psychology, this system gives the splendid tips on the most proficient method to trigger the already faded away love & feeling and revive the spark of your relationship utilizing a step by step formula.

Well, it doesn’t promise 100% welcome back love! As it is not an enchantment catch that will instantly alter your mind and have him returned running for you.  However, one verdict I can guarantee you is that you will not regret or wind up going through this guidebook.

This system will give the insight to comprehend the way of your relationship and the essence of your break up crystal clear and make you grasp the result with an illuminated smile.

About the Author Of Text Your Ex Back 

michael fioreText Your Ex Back is created by Michael Fiore. He is from Seattle, Washington. He is a relationship mentor and the founder of digital romance, Inc. He has authored various other relationship aides such as Text the Romance Back, Text Your wife into Bed, The Secret survey, and Oral Fixation over, etc.

Over the years, Fiore has got the attention of the mainstream media and has appeared on a few TV programs. He made his prime time debut on the Rachael Ray Show on a fourteenth of Feb 2011.

He instructs how to enhance connection and relationship through technology and bring more passion, romance, fun, and closeness into a relationship.



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The Magic of Texting

Unlike many relationship mentors who believe that texting adds to destruction in relationship, Michael Fiore belief that

“If messaging, is utilized as a part of proper and exact ways, it can do a magic in a relationship or fortify constructive bond between two persons”.

In directing you to the mission of messaging your ex back, Fiore first of all lets you soul searching and profound digging self-assignment before you hitch the trap. For both dumper and dumpee, the primary essential things to ask before messaging your ex back is to go into depth comprehension of- Why and How Break Up Happened and Why You Want Your Ex Back?

The Center Concepts

Just before you begin to text your ex back, there are core concepts that Fiore would want you to get to know-

  • Acknowledge the old relationship with your ex is dead. This is not an instance of reproducing your old relationship, however rather a beginning of a new start
  • Forgive yourself, let go of the past and open yourself up and forgive your Ex
  • Date and flirt to boost your self-esteem, to learn tricks and ideas to improve your relationship
  • You want your ex. You don’t need your ex
  • Fall in love with yourself, and feel wonderful, beautiful or handsome
  • Patience! Try not to surge in! Keep a few months’ times of complete hush

Text Your Ex Back Step By Step System Revealed

As the topic suggests, this phase is where Fiore unfurls the mystery to begin texting your text back utilizing fitting word decision and right circumstances.

Fiore uncovers the art of how any positive or negative powerful emotion can be changed, utilizing methods ( His secret strategies obviously) “ Text Judo” Fior calls it Cornerstone of the Text Your Ex-back system. He clarifies that “ Text Judo” is a specialty of utilizing your ex’s current emotions against them, Keeping in mind the end goal to get the positive result you need.

This is the section where you get yourself prepared with every one of the weapons and instruments. This stage obliges you to get yourself prepared the following assessment, so you will know precisely how to control and utilize the condition for your leverage.

You will require these appraisals in each level of the accompanying steps.

  • What were the positive parts of your relationship with your ex? (Things you had in like common that drew you together)
  • What is the best event you and your ex ever had together (your couple origin story undertaking you shared, positive sexual experiences, sentimental experience and etc.)
  • How is your ex at present feeling about your relationship? (Do you think your Ex has an entire “Stew” of feeling around you?)

Fiore takes you to kick it off with

Step 1 Text what he calls “Over the bow Text”.  An  Over the bow Text is a shot in the dark. It is the first message you send when you haven’t talked with or see your ex in a while. It is intended to tell them that you are pondering him or her that you don’t have any negative emotions towards them. 

The objective here as he discloses is to delicately open the way to more discussion and begin setting up a positive enthusiastic air with your ex. Fior has set some principal for this stride like being lively and positive not to sound destitute.

The author opines” Over The Bow Text” ought to be “curiosity pivots”, that trigger the interests catch in your Ex. He has absolutely disclosed one the best way to work and utilize each of the set equation, picking right and a handy decision of word/ dialect.

Step 2 Text is the thing that he calls “Best of the Relationship Text”. This is the phase where you persuade your ex to recall things of you shared together like fun experiences, acquaintance experiences, and sex.  Fiore has explained how and what sort of past recollections you could detail to content your ex to affectionate recollection. Foire says you will likely have them concentrated on fun, joy warm and fluffy recollections and positive emotions about you.

Step 3 Text us the thing that he calls “Closeness Booster Text”. You will likely help them to remember that closeness and connection in a positive way and make your ex just about yearn for the close bolster you provided for them.

Fiore says “The best time to utilize the specific sort of text is the point at which you know your ex is experiencing something hard”. Fiore magic strategies of when and how to utilize the recipes of these writing are exactly represented with illustration.

Step 4 “The Green-Eyed Monster Text” These messages are intended to utilize jealousy in a positive way, such as implying that hot person/ young lady is hitting on you. 

Fiore clarified why and how this strategy functions in the human mind. Be that as it may, he prescribes utilizing it after you’ve secured the feeling of your Ex-receptive to the idea of taking with you.  These messages must be utilized as a part of an unobtrusive and very much defined way.

Step 5 is “Emotional Honestly Text”.  The venture of messaging your Ex in this phase is the plain truth. This stride is incorporated “What I Miss Text”, where you let you Ex comprehend what you miss about your relationship. 

The key is to conjure encounters that your ex would miss and how I feel text where you let your Ex know precisely what’s happening in your heart. These writing tend to foul up so there are strict rules about emotional messaging that Fiore has set; the reason of why and how it ought to be done has been painstakingly exemplified.

Step 6 “Using Text to Turn Your Ex On”.  This is the phase where you use your arousing quality and sexuality in your writing to get your Ex-turned on. Your objective here is to tease and gets your ex-high. Taking into account the diverse sexual enthusiasm of men and ladies, Fiore has warily laid out some principal recipe of how to lay the trap.

Step 7 from “ Virtual To Physical”.  In this area, Fiore lets you know when to start the date and how to go out on the town interestingly and what and how to keep messaging after that.

Dating Your Ex

 Here is the thing that Fiore gives you center tips for utilizing messaging once you’ve gotten your ex back in your life and are dating once again. In the last thought, Fiore finishes up by foreseeing the conceivable results you may have encountered subsequent to experiencing his system.

  • Insightful and illuminating directing on self, love, and relationship
  • It is a spoon sustaining manual that lets you know decisively how, where and when to apply the contain procedures. It is moderate or affordable by everybody.
  • It shows you significantly beyond texting. It’s about getting nearer to the person you love and adore, establishing the foundation for a more grounded and better relationship.
  • It guides on the most proficient method to revive the spark in your ex and get him/her back in your life or accommodate with him neighborly term or help you comprehend your relationship all the more plainly and help you acknowledge it in matures and edified state of mind.
  • It worth trying out this system. It will advantage in either way. If you find the system unsuitable and look for money refund. You have full right to claim back your money. However, You have to request the refund within 60 days from the date of the purchased.


  • It needs lots of patience and steadiness. It resembles an extensive rundown of do’s and doesn’t
  • It doesn’t guarantee 100% assurance to get back your ex

Why Would It Be Advisable For You To Purchase This program? 

If you are the one who is frantically attempting to get hook up with your ex then this manual guide is precisely meant for you. If you have read this review till the end you have learned words from this program, however, you have not learned the art and a secret key of Fiore ’s skills or know how. So you should buy and purchase it and see what it has in store for you. You have nothing to lose on the purchase of this guidebook