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The Ultimate Pull Up Program By Meghan Callaway Review

The Ultimate Pull Up Program By Meghan Callaway Review
The Ultimate Pull Up Program By Meghan Callaway Review

The Ultimate Pull Up program: Solving Problems for Beginners and Excelling Elites was created by Meghan Callaway who has been a strength coach for over 14 years and have been a competitive athlete for over 25 years.

This program is a guaranteed workout plan that tends to serves as an exercise routine that will not only help you to become a pull-up pro but also increase the strength to go with it. 

Pull up is an old school and a natural movement pattern of human being. It is one of the best exercises for developing your back and improve your strength for your entire body.  

The Ultimate Pull Up program is not only proven to create breakthroughs ideas but it also helps to deliver a serious body transformation result. 

It will provide you all the tools you need to build the strength to finally perform your first full pull-up or add another 10 to what you are doing now.

What Does It Include And What Will You Learn From The Ultimate Pull Up Program?

The pull-up program contains 166 pages and has been broken into 4 phases with a bonus section that includes 11 the author favorite and some very innovative, advanced pull-up variations.

Typically, each phase can last 4-8 weeks and can take slightly longer to progress to the next phase or slightly less. 

According to Meghan, each phase of this program is created to improve your full body strength, mobility, stability, flexibility. All of which will have a positive transfer to your ability to perform regular pull-ups.

Horizontal pull movement is also included. As the horizontal movement is a great exercise to help you develop pulling strength in a very applicable way.

You will start with simple exercise and gradually progress to more advanced variations of each exercise or will be performing the same exercises but with more resistance or for more reps until you have worked your way to being able to do unassisted pull-ups. 

The author assured that if you follow each phase consistently then it’ll help you to-

  • Improve your pull-up power.
  • Strengthen your upper body.
  • Improve controlled mobility of the shoulder.
  • Increase your grip and forearm strength.
  • Improve your anterior core stability and lumbopelvic stability.
  • Build up true lower body strength.

To give a clearer picture of what’s inside each phase, here’s a summary and what you’ll learn from each phase.

Summary Of Phases And Objectives 

1st Phase

The pull-up is one of the most versatile exercises; it takes more than stronger arms to do a pull-up to get the job done.

This phase shows the top exercises to help you to master the perfect pull in no time.

It also covers workouts that improve your strength from the ground with floor-based exercises to help you get more comfortable managing your body weight and movement on the ground so as to support transition at the bar.

In the first phase, you will get about 12 different exercises (With video) exclusively designed to help become a pull-up expert.

Here are the examples of the first 3 exercises-

  • The basic pull up regression; it aimed to help you become capable of supporting your bodyweight at the top position of the pull-up.
  • Hip Thrust Variation: It will help build a stronger and more sculpted butt like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez or Nicki Minaj.
  • Single Arm horizontal Rowing: This exercise will help build muscles of the mid and upper back which is designed to help to develop grip strength, shoulder, and scapular controlled mobility.

2nd Phase

Meghan Callaway In order to perform pull-ups, you require adequate high level of upper body strength.

Phase 2 covers essential workouts for developing upper body power.

It has included both the concentric and eccentric strength training. The author believes that these are the key components of the pull-up. 

In this 2nd phase, you will learn a series of 12 different workouts for the upper body that is intended to develop your concentric and eccentric strength.

Some of such exercise includes pull-up regression: eccentric component, pull-through, inverted/modified pull-ups, band resisted dead bugs to new a few…

3rd Phase

When your shoulders are tight, they keep you from moving freely, this phase mostly targets shoulder mobility routine. 

According to the author, if your mobility is poor you will be hard pressed to perform pull-ups and will struggle to keep your body feeling healthy and happy.

With the techniques provided in this phase, you can increase shoulder mobility.

In this phase, you will also learn how to perform an ambitious exercise for strengthening the core muscles to help stabilize your pelvis.

If you cannot control your mobility in certain parts of your body and remain totally stable in other areas, including your Lumbo-Pelvic region, you will struggle to perform pull-ups. Meghan Callaway.

You will learn 12 different workouts to help you crank out more pull-ups.   

Some of the exercise you will learn in this phase are-

Landmine RDL’s (or dumbbell/barbell RDL’s): This exercise is designed to get strong posterior chain which will ultimately stabilize your pelvis and lower body and thus help to improve your overall ability to perform pull-ups.

Half Kneeling Single Arm Rows:  It is designed to help develops grip strength, shoulder and also scapular controlled mobility.

The exercises included in this phase are extremely important if you hope to perform proper pull-ups.

4rd Phase 

If you want to take your training to the next level then there are various techniques you need to try out and master.

There is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t incorporate this workout into your training program if you want to master the pull-up and have some fun.

It’s likely that you will be performing some similar exercise provided in the earlier phases but it will be more resistance and with more reps.

This phase also covers 12 exercises with more advanced and difficult.

Bonus Phase

Inside the Bonus phase, you’ll find 11 Meghan Callaway favorite pull-up regressions.  

What I like about Ultimate Pull Up Program

  • In most cases workout program, it’s difficult to follow written instruction. Even the best-written instruction can leave the readers to confuse like how to know if you’re doing the exercise right. This program has included a video guide which shows step-by-step instruction for every exercise suggested in the system.
  • The manual guide is a printable PDF version, which means the workout charts can be taken anywhere.
  • It has 60 days money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the program, you can simply request a refund within 60 days from the date of purchase to receive a full refund.