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Ways To Keep Your Relationship Strong And Happy

Ways To Keep Your Relationship Strong And Happy
Ways To Keep Your Relationship Strong And Happy

Falling in love is not just loving the person you find attractive or have feelings for, it also includes respect and understanding their heart.

A lot of couples tend to explore the fundamental criteria to maintain a strong relationship and tell you what, you are also one of them and I am confident enough to say you have come to the right place to satisfy your curiosity.

In order to have a strong relationship, you guys need a strong commitment to your love life, it does not entirely mean that you should be overprotective of your partner neither try to snoop around their privacy

(Privacy I meant, stuff needed to keep aside from what may partially affect your relation, you are likely to face one if you still have not. Everyone has their own bad hair day. )

Even if you got a low grade or even if you suck in Math or Science or English, working hard and trying to do the best you could with commitment and enthusiasm gaining trust, and love from the people around you is like the spotlight has been switch over you.

But remember you cannot go on trying to impress everyone or trying to gain trust, aye… It doesn’t work logically speaking, it just ruined your reputation.

Similarly, with no odds, I was trying to bring the similarity between that of what I just mentioned above in order to cultivate a fruitful relationship in your love life.

Different Types Love Relationships 

There are different kind of relationship a couple has, some of which I will mention two common relationship

-Close relationship
-Distant relationship

These two types of relationships are easily understandable just by the word.

I will explain it more briefly though because a lot of spices are definitely encircling every word.

 Close relationship:

This type of relationship happens when two lovers get to meet timely and of course get to see each other frequently.

They meet when they want to.

They hang out when they want to.

They are able to have physical interaction and expressive gesture is definitely made between each other.

Distant Relationship:

This type of relationship happens when two lovers are far from each other. The social networking and cell phone are the only ability to interact and communicate.

They are not physically attached yet emotionally they are.

They have to send pictures of hangouts (also happens in a close relationship, but in different cases.)

They are not controlled and unexpressive as the circumstances of them being apart

Did I just distinguish a relationship status like science report?
Seems like I did, well it should probably include  “ideologically and individually proved”.

Heh! Just a sense-of-humor

Well on a serious note here:

A relationship gets stronger if two hearts are truthful and dedicated to each other regardless of where they are.

So, the question comes 

What Can I Do To Make My Relationship Better?

What Can I Do To Make My Relationship Better

For those of you who are involved in a Close Relationship like I mentioned, these few tips will be a must to do here I go…

1) I must say that by the time you get into this type of relationship ( Close relationship), you want to meet every day, hold each other every day and this lovey-dovey, clingy pictures pop in.
Go for it.
But stop there,

It’s not as if you should be that way all the time (some couples prefer this) but mark this, too much of physicality may also mean that you guys are physically attracted (not opposing, though).

Physical attraction is a part of building up an attachment but for a relationship to be STRONGER, emotional understanding and sacrificing time for your partner is a major role.

2) Never make your partner look like they are troubled by your way of interaction when you are with your friends like you know, the way of making yourself feel a lot more alive when you are with your friends rather than with them (happens a lot of time involuntarily I should say).

3) If you guys are together, then make the most of your time a lot to remember.
Visiting and introducing yourself to their parents and yours to them.
-Cook homemade foods and invite each other for dinner and talk about your favorite’s
-Go out for romantic night outs (if you ask me where to?  I strongly object nightclubs and parties)


This is just another headache for you deal.

Because about only 58% of couples effectively are able to abstain themselves from what literally is inside a bar. (You understand what I mean? As a human it’s a little bit difficult to hold our temptation and desire, right? )

So as far as I am a concern for you, try not to hit this. Rather choose a romantic candlelight dinner, a closely ruled soft music tempo atmosphere right for creating a passionate talk, giving space for each other to settle.

Dancing to the soft music and kissing under the moonlight is no fairytale as long as you guys make it possible.
-Show your love for each other when you are together.

Long Distance Relationship Advice

For those of you who are in a distant relationship, this will definitely make you feel forever in love.
Okay, you guys have been together and are now apart from each other but it won’t harm your relationship like some people just exclaim.

“Distant relationship doesn’t work out for long!”

Whatever it is, you can change it you know… It is easy as long as you guys have trust and are faithful to each other.

  • You should by any means make an applied promise that you will be truthful to one another. (“Don’t make a promise if you cannot keep one.“)
  • A social network exists and plays a big role in this kind of relationship because you guys are drawn together through it, so what are you waiting for?
    Click photos
    Have video chats
    Share your journey and outings together.
    Have fun talking about your day and of the times you guys spent together
    Never miss this fun of sharing
  • Never ever utter a lie about what you are, never hide feelings because to hurt with the truth is better than being comforted with a lie.
    This happens a lot in a long distance relationship.
    Make sure you are their main reasons for being happy and trusted.
  • Never doubt their trust because at times they may not text you nor pick up your call, give them their space, they will tell you their reasons. If you find their reason dissatisfied, remind them that you have been thinking about them and it worries you when they don’t reply or pick up calls.
    (This will initiate and settle the thought that you are sincere.)
    If you over talk and argue over a little thing (though it may seem cute and possessive) in a distant relationship it also may turn out to bring misunderstanding of trust toward each other.
    Yes! Arguing over things is normal but don’t over think about one particular situation, just create a right atmosphere to settle every topics and discussion.
  • Letting them know what you are doing is important, I literally don’t mean telling them every second of your work.  But just the piece of information you give them will make you and they feel relaxed and occupied without leaving to wander off in the air about what both of you are doing.

That is what I have been dying to express for those two relationships.
Yet another aspect of every relationship I wanted to deepen the readers into is…

-Respect your partner decisions (you can’t vaguely agree to all of the decisions as such) but how you approach their decisions matters.

Don’t overrule (means don’t try to be judgmental).

-Never compare their decisions with someone else besides yourself.

-Don’t be over decisive.

-Don’t just reject their decision without talking about it first.

-Don’t make yourself look like the know it all type of person.

-Never put your ego above your loved ones.

-Make convenient time to express what you think

-Be reliable and make your partner feel trusted and sure.

-Surprises are wonderful in a relationship it makes your heart flutter with emotions.

-Giving and sending hugs and kisses when you are together and apart is extra romantic.

-Cheer and root for them when they are in competitions, congratulate them in their wins and lose just so that they know you are always there for them.

Well here is to yourself,

You are the method.

You can ruin it.

You can fix it.

These two options are deeply rooted when I say it.

Because I cannot just merely put into words that you are going to do all of this because, in the end, it’s always the truth of the heart that remains.

These days social networking has made a great impact on a relationship; it can either ruin you or make you happier.
See its how you use.

Be that faithful partner you also want your partner to be because you wanted the best from your partner, the faithful type when you yourself aren’t as faithful as you want them to be. You wanted the good one when you cannot be one is just very lame.

Have commitment and make sacrifices for a better relationship like you believe you will after reading through this.
Go for it, access our tips

Best of luck.

Sure! do come back and share us about how you went through your relationship.
We definitely will be waiting for your feedbacks.

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