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What is Your Purpose in Life? Finding Personal Purpose

What is Your Purpose in Life? Finding Personal Purpose
What is Your Purpose in Life? Finding Personal Purpose

There was an enthusiastic phase in my life when I sighed with excitement and eagerness dreaming about my future world and that’s when I saw life as a myriad of fascinating adventures to explore, a collage of dreams to live out.  

I had so many alluring and action-packed visions for myself I wanted to materialize when I grow up. I was dying to grow up and live out my kaleidoscopic dreams for I  seem to be convinced that I could make all my dreams happen for real when I’m grown up…

I did not realize how fast time fleeted by, I never felt my growth until one day  I found myself sighing in helplessness and hopelessness.

I realized the kaleidoscopic arena of life I had seen in my younger days had vanished into a thin irretrievable mist, my dream about flying in the midst of the twinkling stars touching and feeling them was just a child’s fantasy. 

Today, I’m here feeling lost and dejected, unmotivated and aimless, worthless and purposeless.  All I could do is to sigh the sigh of despondency, tossing radarless and helpless in the limitless ocean of life”.

That was an extract from my personal diary I wrote a couple of years ago when I was helplessly struggling to find the purpose of life.

If you are one struggling to find the purpose of your life, I want to assure you that are numberless people out there who are struggling in the same boat with you right now.  

Anhedonia, acedia, ennui, anomie, nihilism, existential crisis, whatever it is called, the sense of purposelessness and meaningless, nagging and horrible experience you feel right now, I can feel it to the core.  

Discovering Your Purpose In Life

How helpless it is to feel that the arbitrary power of the universe is not working in your favor and you being just a speck in the vast universe could do nothing about it. 

The feeling inside is bursting out but it is inexpressible, the limitless unanswered questions of ‘why’, the unheard cries of your heart.

You are haunted by the ghost of your inner emptiness, the formidable void in your heart.  The angst of the nagging purposeless life is agonizing. The sense of purposelessness of life you feel may arise from different reasons of personal matters.

Such as failure in life, loss of loved ones, broken relationships, poverty and adversity, loss of your inner peace and  devoid of inner happiness, unachieved dreams,  unquenched thirst for logical truth or spiritual truth, your philosophical unanswered search for meaning of life or simply you never get the questions of your ‘why’ etc.

For whatever reason it arises from, it’s a tormenting feeling within yourself.  It’s time you get over the anguish of merely surviving and start really living.

The very fact that you are browsing online on life’s purpose finding guidelines shows that you are a fighter and that you are fighting to make things right in your life no matter what.

For that you deserve a big applause your forbearance from the torment of living death shall make you win.  Life’s purpose means different things to different people and ways and the means how to find it differs based on individual’s belief and perspective.

Subsequently, this article will list some general points on discovering your purpose in life.


How To Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life

How To Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life


1) Never Give up:  No matter how absurd and meaningless life seems, don’t give up. Never giving up is the pivotal step to a discovering your life purpose.

You know, a lot of people give in and to give up is the bravest thing to do in one’s existence.  

Believe me, when I say this, life is a kaleidoscopic stage of many dramas and you have a major role to play for yourself and for the whole stage as a whole. A Varicolored world is a reality and your sense of meaningless and purposeless feeling is an illusion. 

Feeling purposeless is a phase everybody goes through in a phase of one’s life. It will come to pass!  Life is beautiful and precious and all the beautiful and precious things pass so fast.

You live just once as you. Life is too short to cry and waste over the sense of meaningless of life.  Wake up from your lethargy and start discovering your purpose in life. 

You are special, unique precious just the way you are. Fall in love with yourself knows your worth. So long as you don’t learn to love your life, you can never find the meaning and purpose of your life.

2) Don’t Be Too Self-focused and Self-Centered: Define yourself in association with God. Christianity teaches life’s purpose and life’s fulfillment is found in God alone, the creator of life himself, the original source. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God… (Matt. 6:33).

Seek ye first the kingdom of God

Personally, I began to feel the blessedness of life and found the purpose of my life only after I built a good relationship with God. He showed me that the purpose of my life is more than I realized.

Well, if you are an atheist, try to align yourself with the world, with the people, family, and friends around you and with your own soul.   

Even if you don’t find your life’s purpose for yourself, maybe your life’s purpose is to live for others and be a blessing to them.

3) Find An Inspiration To Rekindle The Flame Of Your Life: You lost your dream, you lost the capacity to feel the world, you don’t love your life anymore,  but there are people who just can’t do without you.

Your loved ones need you to come out of that pit of purposeless feeling and make their lives whole again.

4) Read Motivational And Life’s Purpose Finding Books: Read the inspirational biography and autobiography of people who have emerged triumphant from the severe blow of life, from the bottomless formidable pit of life.

5)Look At Life From Multi-Dimensional Perspectives: Be flexible and be open to life’s ambiguity and wherever inspiration calls you to.

Even when your life refuses to give what you so wanted, be open to other options what life has to offer.  Break up your obsession with that ‘one thing concept’.  

You never know what larger and better purpose life has in store for you. Expand your focus for there is a limitless hidden thing to explore. Expand your horizon!

6) Don’t Listen To Guilt-Provoking Criticism Of The People: Just listen to your heart and what it wants.

7) Focus On Process Rather Than Outcome:  Remember, your purpose doesn’t have to be very big and distinct that you and people must see it right in front of you.

You never know your purpose is already making a significant impact, silent and unnoticed without you even realizing it, in the direction you never expected it to happen.

Your purpose of life is not about you finding it once and for all, as you continue to live you may realize that your purpose of life is rather a process and you making an impact every day as you continue to live. 

Even when you thought, you have found the purpose of your life, you may realize a greater purpose of your life become more crystal clear as every day of your life unfolds.  

8) Let That Inner Hell Pass By And See What Magic Happens Next: When you feel the world is hostile to you, remember you are undergoing an inner turmoil and you perceive the world around as you feel inside.

So remember, the phase of that absolute sense of helplessness and purposelessness is inevitable, but it is not the end of the world. You just have to wait to let that inner hell pass by and see what magic happens next.   


What is Your Purpose in Life? is  contributed By Esther