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Why Do People Want To Have Sex?

Why Do People Want To Have Sex?
Why Do People Want To Have Sex?

Your partner may come up with strings of excuses like” honey, it’s too early or not tonight babe, I have a___”  But, how many reasons can the two of you name for wanting to have sex?  

Five? Ten? Or hundred? Some college students have provided as many as 237 different reasons to have sex, ranging from pleasure to procreation.

Different people have a different motive about sexual activity, some people are making love to make babies, to feel good or because they are in love.

Human beings are programmed to do sex.  Asking why people have sex is like asking why we eat, says Richard Carroll, a sex therapist.  Our brains are designed to motivate us for having sex, he added.

What’s Your Motive For Sex?

Researchers asked more than 1500 undergraduate students to identify various reasons about sexual attitudes and experiences.

The top 3 reasons given by them are-

  • I am attracted to the person
  • I wanted to experience the physical pleasure
  • It feels good

The combined results of those 1500 undergraduate students were sorted into four major factors.

Physical Reasons: Some people think sex helps them to reduce their stress level significantly, other for pleasure, while other on physical attractiveness on partner desirability.

Goal-based Reasons: Some people have sex to conceive a baby, to improve social status and while some do for revenge (wanting to give someone else  Sexual Transmitted Diseases.)

Emotional Reasons: These people do it for love and commitment or gratitude. Most of the people have sex because they want to express love and affection.

Insecurity Reasons:  Felling a sense of duty or pressure, to keep a partner from seeking a sexual fulfillment from elsewhere. For example, your partner may say like… I want sex and if you are not going to give it to me, I want to find it elsewhere.  

Psychologically speaking, men tend to entice sex because they like how it feels. However, for women, although they get pleasure from the sexual act, they are generally more interested in the relationship enhancement aspect of sex.

While we may wish to keep ourselves the justifications for our conduct, the act of reasoning itself has esteem. By probing into our own sentiments, getting fair with ourselves concerning why we get it on, will increase personal understanding and appreciate our sexual natures.