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Welcome to my personal blog!

Amos Duo

My name is Amos Duo; I started in 2016 because I was tired of the fake online reviews. 

As you know, there are many websites that post reviews about products without even seen the actual product.

This site is aimed to change all of that; I am dedicated to providing you clear and unbiased reviews about the books, particularly in the health niche.

I have nothing to sell you. Yes, you heard me right! I don’t offer any service and I don’t have any products to sell you. 

However, in my articles, I may link to a product and service that I think it’s worthwhile and beneficial for them.

Some of those links may contain affiliate links. In this case, if you buy from my link, I will receive a commission as a way of showing your gratitude and appreciation for my hard work.

I will try my best to deliver you a good and valuable content as possible. 

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me.

Although I’ve double and triple check every sentence, my post may have more mistakes than the average English speaking blog post that you are laying eyes on.

Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome, so as to improve my shortcomings and help me serve you better. 

I will not post fake information for the sake of traffic and promotion.

However, I am not afraid of sharing my views and ideas, no matter what people think.  I will provide necessary evidence if the need arises. 



The Objective

Welcome to my personal blog!


The objective of this blog is to give you in-depth reviews and quick references tools about a certain product to help you determine if it is something that you may be willing to explore or try yourself. 

Regrettably, it’s pretty hard to find honest reviews sites these days. Most of the reviews available online are only written by people who only read the summary of the program website.

The information provided by them may be factually accurate but cannot rely on their judgment.

Therefore, on this site, I will attempt to provide you with much information as possible about a certain product.


Service Model

Service Model

  • My reviews are always written after well researched and after having a broad understanding of the product.
  • I spent hours and hours collecting the facts, testing products & services myself to provide you the exact information about the products.
  • I only recommend a product that I believe is good for the common people.
  • The main objective of this blog is to provide honest and unbiased reviews so as to make up for a long-term loyalty visitors and readers.


Any question?