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Reverse Your Fatty Liver By Susan Peters Review

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Title: Reverse Your Fatty Liver
Author: David Williams and Susan Peters
Year of Publication: 2017
Language: English
Total Page: 141
Book Type: Health & Fitness
Price: $ 37

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Reverse your fatty liver is a four-week program to let your liver regenerate itself, and reverse damage from your past. It employs everything from exercise to healthy eating and other lifestyle change along with delicious liver-friendly recipes.

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The liver plays an important role in our health for many reasons. It helps your organs to get rid of any toxins from your system. A healthy liver is essential in keeping your body to fully functions.

It is a major metabolic powerhouse but our modern sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have negatively affected our Liver and damage our health overall.

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) affects up to 25% of people in the United States, which is like one-third of the American population.

It is so because the liver problem generally doesn’t cause symptoms until they’re more advanced, many people are not even aware that they are at risk.

Did you know that fatty livers were more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and severe devastating condition such as liver cirrhosis and liver cancer?

David Williams and Susan Peters have teamed up to create a program that will help you achieve optimal health. They have put together a simple diet plan and lifestyle program to reverse your fatty liver disease naturally.

Reverse Your Fatty Liver relies on Susan Peters personal methods and experiences,  who is a 48 years old medical writer, researcher, and health advocate, she had managed to reverse her fatty liver by dealing with the root causes of the problem.

Her method is mostly based on the specific supplements and foods that thousands of people were using to successfully treat their fatty liver.

Reverse your fatty liver is easy to follow guide for your liver health, it is also essential for overall health and well-being.

Reverse Your Fatty Liver Comprehensive Review

Reverse Your Fatty Liver Comprehensive ReviewIt comprises 141 pages and divided into two main phases.

Part 1: Your Amazing Liver

If you’re a healthy person, you’re probably not aware of what your liver is doing. However, since your liver is such an important organ, it’s really worth to educate yourself about it.

Most people believe that the only way to hurt their liver is with too much alcohol but there are many other factors that can damage your liver which can lead to liver failure and liver cancer.

In general, people with the Non-Alcoholic Fatty liver disease don’t have symptoms, very often people learn about their fatty liver when their condition is worsened.

Here’s what you will learn from this phase-

This phase covers everything about your liver, which includes the main roles of the liver, all the potential problems that cause the liver diseases and particular reasons why you get fatty liver…

Susan Peters also shows a unique way to read food labels the right way and determine if a product is really healthy or just a fake healthy sounding promises.

Part 2: Reverse Your Fatty System

The real juice of this program begins in part 2.  It has personalized treatment for a fatty liver disease, including precise treatment strategies to reduce typical symptoms such as abdominal swelling, fatigue, Enlarged spleen, Red palms, jaundice and high cholesterol…

The good thing about this program is that it is flexible, it is designed to fits every lifestyle so you can actually stick to it.

Part 2 comprises of 9 chapters (Chapter 8 to Chapter 17)

Here’s what you will learn from this part-

Chapter 8: In this chapter, you will learn some proven steps to make an unshakeable commitment to your goal. Every journey begins with small a step. It all begins with awareness, as the lack of awareness is one of the biggest barriers to adaptation to overcome the challenges in your life.

Chapter 9:

The first thing I learned on my journey is that you need to stop the poisoning before you can start the healing- Susan Peters

This section discusses different food groups, household goods, chemical and toxic environment that you should avoid to make a significant impact on your liver.

Chapter 10: This chapter will help you to keep your liver healthy with superfoods. These foods will give your liver the nutrients it needs to function at its highest peak performance.

It has also suggested some exercise that will strengthen the muscles groups surrounding the liver to help increase the function of the liver.

Chapter 11:  The liver is able to regenerate itself, and when you think about it, that’s pretty amazing. It means in some cases, the damage that happened over years is reversible.

To make sure that this program works for you, Susan shared the liver healing process that worked for her. It is simple, yet surprisingly powerful in healing your fatty liver, and also slashes your other health benefits as well.

She assured that if you can adopt these practices you will be able to reverse your condition totally.

Chapter 12:  People with liver disease must eat a special diet and maintain a balanced diet. This section will help gets you in the right place nutritionally and physically so that you can do a liver cleanse and get the most out of it.

You will focus mostly on healthy foods that are good for your body, with zero bad stuff. It aimed to help return your body to its natural healthy state.

super foods for liver

Chapter 13: When you are in the stressful environment, you suffer mentally and physically. When your lives are filled with stress it can cause chronic, long-lasting problems.  This section will teach you how to control your environment to fight fatty liver.

Chapter 14:  In this chapter, you will learn how to cut negative influences from your life and become a more positive person. It is intended to help you to find your inner strength.

Chapter 15: According to some researchers, sitting is actually more dangerous than smoking as a health hazard.

A new study shows that if people sit for more than six hours per day, then 20 percent of men and 40 percent of women are likely to die prematurely than those who are more active.

In this section, you will learn how to do simple exercise even while sitting at your office desk.  It has also included different ideas for increasing the opportunity to move your body throughout your day.

Chapter 16: Many American don’t get all the nutrients they need from their diets. However, if you eat varieties of foods that includes fresh fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean meat and fish then you don’t need supplements.

If you’re not able to get the balanced diet, you may need to supplement your diet at certain times to maintain good health.

You will find a list a supplement that will help you in speeding up your path to recovery and even prevent liver failure.

Chapter 17:  In this section, you will find a handy list to make shopping for liver loving groceries easier. These guidelines will help ensure that your liver is functioning at its best.


Your Healthy Liver Cleanse:

In this bonus, you will learn how the author has cleaned up her own liver in a short period of time through cleansing.

She is hoping that you too can follow her lead and hopefully reverse the damage and begin the cellular regeneration process yourself.

It includes the amazing 7-day liver-Detox plan, that shows exactly what to eat to clean your liver, purify your blood and body and jump start your weight loss.

You will also find fatty liver friendly recipes. These recipes are not only healthy but delicious with a friendly budget. It’s not difficult or time-consuming.



  • The result is not permanent:  Even if your condition is reversed after 4 weeks, if you go back to your unhealthy habits then the problem is likely to come back.  The permanent solution lies within you. Sticking to permanent lifestyle changes can only give you a permanent solution.
  • No worksheets or timetable: It doesn’t give any worksheets or timetable to help you track your progress. However, it has included seven-day meal plan which you can print it out and pinned it on your fridge.
  • May experience rumbling in your stomach: As you will be eating food in a greater quantity, so you may experience rumbling in your stomach and may go to the restroom more frequently. But these are just a sign that your body is learning how to process and digest this new diet.
  • Dizziness and physical weakness, moodiness and fatigue, low energy and constant trips to the restroom may occur during your liver cleanse.


So Is This Guide Right For You?

I would definitely say “yes”, it’s a comprehensive tool that gives you valuable strategies and helps reclaim your health and wellness.  It has included the best food to keep the disease away and also some food you’ll want to avoid.

Reverse Your Fatty liver today will guide you on how to keep your liver healthy

This program is such an incredible guarantee that you simply can’t ignore it.

This is the exact same method that helps Susan Peter to heal her liver.

She assures you that it will also completely transform your health and help you look feeling better.

You got the privilege to try it for full 60 days and if for any reason you don’t like the program or doesn’t work, you can request a refund. 

Susan has promised to refund the full payment and send you a thank you note for giving it a shot.



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