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What Men Secretly Want By James Bauer Review

What Men Secretly Want By James Bauer Review
What Men Secretly Want By James Bauer Review

What men secretly want is a program for women designed to help crack the man code and get the love she deserves. You will learn how to make a man fall in love with you.


How to make a man fall in love with you?  You might be asking this question because you want to get a guy like you.  

He is the man you adore and you want him by your side but unfortunately, you still don’t have him.  

You will do whatever it takes to get him genuinely cares about you, chase you, get attracted you and madly fall in love with you but it seems like a huge undertaking.

James Bauer has created an amazing insightful guide to the secrets of what men are really looking and how to give them this.  

It will help women to connect with men more thoroughly and make more meaningful and lasting relationship.

What Men Secretly Want is a comprehensive 5 step guide, to help you keep the man of your dream in your life, it consists instructional menu, video and an audio course. 

So What’re James Bauer Tricks in What Men Secretly Want?

It is not based on trickery or deception but it’s a depth guide to understand the key elements that are really important to him to be able to trust you. 

According to him both men and women find themselves pretty much mysterious to each other because they’re all different and people are mysterious.  We are like individual galaxies, each with various similarities and differences. 

James teaches what men secretly want to help you become irresistible to your man. It will help you to discover a secret loophole in the male mind that will allow you to connect with him and get him to commit to you. 

Here are the things that you will learn throughout the course-

This program splits into 9 chapters-

1: The single Most Powerful factor that will determine Relationship Success

Almost all women have experienced the miserable feeling when her man starts pulling away. It may either happen out of the blue or something sparks. 

Either way, this leaves powerless and painfully insecure. 

So what’s the deal, why do men pull away and what can you do about it? It really hurts when a guy left you without knowing the reason.

This phase reveals why men all of a sudden pull away from you without any obvious reason.

2: Your Secret Barometer for Success

Your Secret Barometer for Success

Men, in particular, crave respect in an intimate relationship with women.

Respect is one of the most important components in a relationship, infect it is the foundation of intimacy and love. To him your respect is love.

In this chapter, you will learn how to make your man feel more respected by changing the little thing you do. This will allows him to change for good and love you more.

3:  Double His Desire for a Committed Relationship

Starting to feel like he’s losing interest in you? Is he always busy? Has he becomes vague and you go on longer periods of time with less communication from his end?

Yup, there are many ways to tell when a guy’s started losing interest in you. This chapter discusses various factors of how you should respond if he starts to become distant.

4. Stop Being Interesting and Get Interested

What a horrible title right? However, according to James Bauer, most men find funny women a turn-off.

According to the finding published in the Scientific Journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, men see being funny as a male thing and is not a character trait they are looking for in a woman.

When hundreds of men and women in their twenties were asked if they found a sense of humor to be attractive to women, most men said yes.

However, when they were asked if they would want to be with a woman who cracked jokes herself, the answer was Resounding No!


5. Get A Guy to Commit: Increase Attraction While Setting Standards

Do you want to be at attractive and want to keep him interested in you? If you feel that your man is no longer attracted to you then this chapter can be helpful for you.

This chapter discusses thing women can do to be more attractive to man and make him respect you as a woman.

6. How to Unlock His Emotions and Get Him to Open Up

Men are also a complex emotional creature, just as women are.  Most men are quite simple and complex. If you kiss him, you are easy, if you don’t you are frigid and you if you praise him, he think are fake.

This chapter will teach you how to trigger a man emotions that will make him want you more. It also covers the keys to unlock that silent distant head of his and get him to open up to you.  

7. How Can You Find Quality Man?

Tired of chasing losers, or more common men who just don’t seem to have emotion?  If you want to get rid of all the toxic man in your life and start fresh then this chapter has a solution for you. It covers unique ways to meet quality men.  

8. Meet Your Avatar

This chapter will help you figure out what type of man is perfect for you. You will learn what you can do to find the man of your dreams.

9. Places and Situations to Avoid

The last chapter of this program covers where not to look and what situations are preventing your ideal man form approaching you.


  • The Art Of intrigue: How to make Him Crazy for You
  • The Active Ingredients of Love 

Bottom Line

What Men Secretly Want will not only unveil the mysteries of the male mind but will also give you the successful strategies to create the meaningful and fulfilling relationship you’ve always dreamt about.

It will show you how to become an irresistible woman and help you pick and choose the men you want to date.

This program comes with 60 days money back guarantee. Should you decide to purchase this guide but find it unsatisfactory, you can return it without question and get your money back.


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