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Nano Towel Review| Does It work as it Claimed?

Nano Towel Review| Does It work as it Claimed?
Nano Towel Review| Does It work as it Claimed?

Nano towel is a revolutionary new fabric technology that cleans with water only. This breakthrough is specially designed to replace paper towels and toxic chemical cleaners.

It is one hundred times finer than a human hair, yet it is stronger and tougher. You can scrub just about anything without worrying about tearing. It contains about 100,000 Nanolon fibers per square inch.

Nano Towel can slurp a dust, dirt, and liquid like a magnet without any toxic chemicals.

You can use it to clean any stains or surface and can be used almost everywhere.

Unlike paper towels, when it is dirty you can just wash and use them over again and again. You don’t have to spend tons of money on papers towel a year ever again.

(I am not saying that you won’t ever need paper towel again, but using a lot of paper towel can be expensive.  It’s easy to save money using this product.)

What are The Uses of Nano Towels

Nano towels look just like a normal towel, however, it works in a totally different way and can be used in many different ways.

They are particularly good for cleaning dusting, washing countertops, floors bathrooms, stainless steel, walls, car, and glass etc.

Nano towels look just like a normal towel

Nano towel can be more effective and safer than any other method.

However, In most cases, you need two Nano towel to clean quickly and thoroughly.  For instance, when you are cleaning glass and want to avoid using any cleaning solution or glass cleaner than simply scrub the dirty glass with a damp Nano Towel and then go over it with a dry Nano towel for no streaks and crystal clear glass.

Simply follow the same procedure for stainless steel, floor, wood and just about everything else.

Eco-Friendly All Purpose Cleaners: Cleaning jobs may seem like a tedious work, but with Nano towels, it helps you to clean faster and optimally, using nothing but water.

Simply spray down the area with water then wipe clean using Nano Towel and buff dry on the dry side or you can use another dry Nano Towel.

Product Details:


Nano Towel Review


    • Dimensions: 14”H x 14”W
    • Material Content: 75% polyester, 25% polyamide
    • Care Instruction: Machine or hand wash in lukewarm, wash with non-fabric to maintain the unique properties. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not iron. These can possibly destroy the unique characteristics of the Nano towels.  Machine dry at low heat
    • Use water, no chemicals!
    • Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty




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Pros Point of Nano Towel

  •  Money Saving:  The cost of a roll of paper towel are escalating dramatically as the price of production, material, deforestation costs, and transportation are also increasing at the same time. There are many households who use several rolls a week. One time purchased of these items can potentially save a lot of money.
  •  Health Protection:  A report from the Danish Environmental protection Agency state that approximately 33% of American suffers from Chemical sensitivities (1). There are many possible health effects, a harmful chemical can get into your body through households chemical.Some common household cleaning product can contribute a serious health problem, emergencies, and even death.You can eliminate the entire cleaning product by simply using Nano towels and eliminate the potentiality of skin rashes and outbreaks and respiratory difficulties caused by toxic chemical cleaning agents.
  •  Easier and more convenient:  It takes a lot of effort and time to remove the bulky items of paper towels. However, with Nano Towels it is much easier and more convenient; you can effortlessly take the towels anywhere and clean practically anything.
  •  Better and safer: Many households are exposed to chemical agents each day. It is likely that most of those cleaners can be highly toxic chemical compounds.  By using this Nano you will be able to cut that entire toxin from your home and at the same time, you will be able to clean with the same effectiveness. (I especially love to use them on my kitchen counters and inside the refrigerator to avoid getting nasty chemical near the food my family eats.)

Cons Points Of Nano Towel

  • It cannot kill the bacteria on the surface that you clean, if you want to wash away the bacteria, it is recommended to use a spray bottle of diluted white vinegar on the areas you want to disinfect.
  • If leave wet and unwashed for months then it can give a smell like mildew. It needs frequent washing.
  • They don’t have different color options; it mostly comes in green only.
What other say about Nano Towel-
Unfortunately, after a couple of months, it started to give musty odor on a towel. However, when I tried vinegar and baking soda on the mildew towels, it works great. It looks and smells like new now, I love these towel”. Andrea Kubis.


I want to put this product to the test and find out if it was truly capable of doing what it claimed to do. One day while I was fluffing up the cushions on my sofa.

 I found a piece of brown banana that had dried and stuck to the side of one our white upholstered cushions (not leather). I thought this would be the great chance to put the Nano towel to the test.

I picked off the actual piece of dried banana, but there was a lot of small brown stains (Don’t know how long it had been there!)  As the directions said, I only used water.

It did indeed remove the brown stains on our white upholstered cushion. I cleaned it once with following the instruction but there was still a little bit of a brown residue.

I let it allow drying and did it again the same procedure and it removed even more. Now you cannot even see where the dried up piece of banana used to be. I highly recommend this product.- Stephanie L. Austin


Bottom line

Nano Towels can generally last between 2 to 3 years or 300-400 uses. It comes with a full 1-year warranty.  You will love the convenience of Nano towel that can handle almost anything in your home.

These towels are a great way to save money and preserve your health while keeping your house clean and safe.

It will be a great choice for you if you want to switch to a non-chemicals alternative product.

These products can reduce your effort by avoiding lugging a dozen chemical bottles and roll of paper towels around your house while you clean. Most importantly, It will make your house smell nice, reducing the toxin in the home.


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