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Save My Marriage Today by Amy Waterman Review: Does It Work?

Save My Marriage Today by Amy Waterman Review: Does It Work?
Save My Marriage Today by Amy Waterman Review: Does It Work?

Save my marriage today is a self-help program designed to fix the relationship and save marriages.

If you feel you have been struggling with your relationship for some time then this program will help you to address the program that hinders the ability to remain happy.

It offers incredibly insightful lessons and practical marriage advice that allows you to address your concerns and improve your partnership.

About The Author of Save My Marriage Today

Amy Waterman

Amy Waterman is an internationally acclaimed relationship coach, speaker, and author.

She specializes in helping singles and couples solve dating and relationship problems and experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules.

She claimed to have helped thousands of people rekindle their love, guiding failing relationships and marriages.

Amy has been writing for women since 2005, focusing on the way in which the latest scientific research has totally transformed our understanding of love and relationships.

She blogs at YourBrilliance.com

Overview of Save My Marriage Today

Most of the marriages are often happy in the beginning but over time they become negative without even realizing it. 

All marriages require effort, hard work, and plan without these things you may notice that you feel unhappy and under-appreciated.

Many marriages have been going along without a plan; you wouldn’t build a house without a plan. So don’t build your marriage without one.

If you are serious about your marriage you need to start making a plan, don’t wait until your spouse walks out the door.

As you dive into the core program, you will find another lost opportunity to possibly save your marriage.

Each chapter is split into various sections, offering related exercises.

Here‘s a peek and summary inside the program-

Chapter 1: Introduction –

The first chapter is the introduction of the main ideas that flow through this book- including the intro to exercises that you will move on to.

Chapter 2: The Life Cycle of Marriage-

The Life Cycle of Marriage

Marriages go through a series of stages.

The stages are- Romance, Disillusionment, Misery and Awakened Joy. It is reported that due to the high divorce rate, many couples never make it to the 4 stage of awakened joy.

If you are confused about the direction of your relationship, understanding these stages will allow you to better relate to what’s happening in your current situation.

It offers six key steps in terms of how a relationship grows and develops.

Chapter 3: Life Isn’t a Movie- There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. In every relationship, there is going to be fight and tears or even scars from the past relationship.

This chapter will help you to create a realistic expectation, the exercises cover in the section will help you do so.

Chapter 4: Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid– We are human, we all make mistakes but most of the mistakes are totally avoidable. 

We often unknowingly commit silly relationship mistakes that take us in the opposite direction.

This chapter discusses some of the biggest mistakes that people make in a relationship.

It also addresses how you can approach conflict and your marriage as a whole.

Chapter 5: Combating conflicts- In most of the relationship today, conflicts have become like a tug of war over who’s right and who’s wrong. 

So settling even the smallest issues has become a battle.

A healthy couple deals with an issue right away and speaks respectfully even when they disagree and show compassion in conflict.

This chapter shows how to overcome conflict in a healthy way and help you become closer and deepen your relationship.

Chapter 6: Banking in Your Relationship- Most couples just give up too early and too easily but you don’t have to do this!

There are many ways that you can show your partner that you still love them and care for them.

This chapter focuses on aspects such as respect and appreciation with insightful exercises that you do alone and together.

These activities and behaviors will help you to strengthen your relationship.

Chapter 7: Teamwork and you- Teamwork is essential in keeping your married life happy. It allows you to grow as a person and as a couple.

This chapter will help you to work better as a team.

Chapter 8: The Power of Money- Sometimes gender role can cause significant mental issues, especially when they fail to meet the expectation. 

This chapter will help you recognize what those expectations are and if they are healthy or not.

Chapter 9:  It’s About You- Just because you are married doesn’t mean you give up fun, life is not over and done. You don’t need to give up who you are.

You can still expect to maintain your happiness so that you can give more to your partner in terms of a stable and fulfilled emotional state. 

This chapter will teach you to your own happiness and evaluate your personal life.

Chapter 10: Workplace issues- We all know how much time we spend at the office.

So whether you are concerned about work-related stress or a potential workplace affair, this is an important chapter address to.

Chapter 11: When Marriage Is More Than Two-

When Marriage Is More Than Two

This chapter shows how a raising a child can change the dynamics of your married life together.

It also explains why your partner should remain high on your priority list. This chapter is important to balance a household.

Chapter 12: Coping with Children– If you and your spouse have high marital conflict or tension and have children then this is the chapter you don’t want to miss.

Chapter 13: Coping with crises- If you are going through with unexpected challenges or obstacles or even dealing with issues like alcohol use and depression, this chapter will help you to deal the problem in a healthy manner.

Chapter 14: Plateau- If you are feeling like your relationship has gone stale and stuck this chapter will guide you on what to do to feel close and connected again.

Chapter 15: Sex and Intimacy-

The importance of sex in a healthy relationship cannot be understated; it bonds and connects two people beyond the body.

There is a deep energetic connection that bonds two people when they make love. These chapters offer ways to deepen your relationship bond and be a happier couple through sex and intimacy.

Chapter 16:  Infidelity and Trust- Discovering your partner has been unfaithful is a terrible blow but should not be the end of your relationship.

You can still work through the breach and trust and move back into healthy, stable partnership.

This chapter will help you decide whether to continue or leave your marriages and what you can do to solve the situation.

Chapter 17: How to stop cheating Dead in Its tracks- It’s impossible to be in a relationship these days without worrying about infidelity.

This chapter teaches how to safeguard your relationship from an affair.

Chapter 18: Getting your Spouse to Change Attitude- what to do when you feel annoyed by your partner?

This chapter will help you to change your attitude and adjust your behavior; this will keep negativity out of your marriage.

Chapter 19: Getting Your Spouse to Fall Back in Love with You- This chapter will teach you how to make your spouse fall in love with you again.

Chapter 20: When to Seek Professional Help– Many people in marriages need assistance at some time to help deal with the problems and difficulties in their relationship.

This chapter will help you understand, if or not your present relationship is in need of professional assistance.


It can be a very scary feeling when you recognize that things are not working in your marriage.

You may even feel that it is beyond repair and seems like your marriage is at the end the ropes.

These may spark the idea of divorce. It is very important to figure out the issues if you want to save your relationship.

Save My Marriage Today will teach you how to save your marriage and make your partner fall in love with you all over again.