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A Book Review on Yeast Infection No More by Linda Allen

A Book Review on Yeast Infection No More by Linda Allen
A Book Review on Yeast Infection No More by Linda Allen

Yeast Infection No More is a helpful guidebook to help gets rid of a yeast infection naturally without medication.  It was written by Linda Allen, who was a victim herself of this annoying disease.

She claimed that this book is the result of 7 years of searching, trial and error and experimentation. The Result of trying just about everything, keeping what works and discarding what doesn’t.

To get rid of this extremely annoying problem, one needs to equip with right the information.

This program includes a wide range of holistic approaches to cure vaginal yeast infection safely within 2 months time.

It covers toxic elimination, internal cleansing, hormonal balancing, acid-alkaline balance, healthy diet, stress control, the yeast link, antibiotics, prebiotics, and probiotics.

Linda Allen opines that yeast infection is not an untreatable case but it cannot be cured using a single dimensional method.

According to her, a long-term solution for yeast infection requires a certain combination of steps, as they have different causes.

The steps to curing demand some level of dedication and patience.

Here are the steps you must know to get rid of yeast infection naturally and holistically are –

  • What a yeast infection environment is.
  • What conditions are needed for a yeast infection environment to exist and how to neutralize these conditions
  • The connection between yeast infection and inner imbalance and the evident link between stressful lifestyle.
  • Inadequate sleep.
  • Lack of physical activity and
  • The aggravation of yeast.

An Overview of The Yeast Infection No More In a Chapter Wise

This program consists of 240 pages and divided into 6 chapter and 4 appendices.

Appendix 1 outlines several complementary treatments for yeast infection.

Appendix 2 offers an example of a 2-day detox diet – a short preliminary
internal cleansing protocol.

Appendix 3 provides vital information on how to conduct a moderate detox
program based on the Ayurveda.

Appendix 4 shows exactly how to maintain liver function – an important part
of the yeast infection maintenance plan.  

Chapter 1- Introduction

It discusses how to get most from the book.

Chapter 2 – All about Candida Yeast Infection

It is divided into 2 section it tells everything about yeast infection.  

When our internal system is disrupted due to factors such as toxic buildup, loss of friendly bacteria weakened an immune system, over-acidity in the digestive system, etc. the condition created a perfect environment for Candida overgrowth develops. 

Candida overgrowth is when a condition where Candida albicans transform from a simple, harmful and non-invasive yeast form to mycelial fungi that eventually causes many unpleasant to chronic and dangerous conditions in our body.

Allen also points that symptoms of yeast infection can manifest in different ways in the body.

While common symptoms include Itching, irritation the vagina, abnormal discharge, Pain during sexual intercourse general fatigue and lethargy, etc. It manifests much fewer symptoms in men than in women.

Yeast infection can also manifest itself on the skin’s surface, in the mouth and throat, oral thrush, upper back pain, GERD, heartburn, sores in the mouth and anus, brain fog, chronic athlete’s foot and in many parts of the body.  

The caused factors of yeast infection are multidimensional and therefore, the methods of a solution must multidimensional.   

The caused factors of yeast infection are multidimensional and therefore, the methods of a solution must multidimensional.- Allen .   

 Chapter 3 – Diagnosis of Candida Yeast Syndrome

It discusses various methods and tests and diagnosis of yeast infection. However, Allen also points out certain limitations of the conventional medical tests could incur. 

According to her conventional medical tests for yeast infection are not always accurate, the best advice is to combine a solid medical diagnosis with a self-diagnosis.

This chapter covers methods to diagnose yeast infer Candida infection.

Here is one of the simplest steps to diagnose the infection on your own, as mentioned in this guide, a home test for Candida infection.

Saliva Test for yeast infection

Early in the morning on an empty stomach, get a clear glass and fill it with either bottled water or reverse osmosis purified water. And then – work up a substantial amount of saliva and spit into the glass.

Simply leave your glass aside for a period of up to an hour. And after an hour you can check the solution, if you have a mild case of Candida yeast infection, you will see strings in the form of legs that go down into the water.

If you have an advanced case of Candida Yeast Infection, you will notice your saliva sink to the bottom of the glass.

Chapter 4 – The Basic 12-Hour Relief Treatment

It shows the basic steps we must take to get rid of yeast infection symptoms naturally in as little as 12 hours.

It includes certain home remedy method. Some natural self-treatment includes honey, garlic, yogurt, lactobacilli, iodine, gentian violet, apple cider apple vinegar, tea tree oil, boric acid, chickweed ointment, etc.

Using these natural ingredients and products, chapter 4 gives a step-by-step instruction on how and when to go about the self-monitored treatment.

The Basic 12-Hour Relief Treatment

 Chapter 5 – The Yeast Infection No More™ Quick Results mini program

Linda Allen has developed a“Quick Results Mini-Program” designed especially for busy people who are too busy afford to follow all the protocols mentioned in the Yeast infection No More program. 

This mini-program can also be followed by people who have a very mild yeast infection.   

It’s not a quick fix approach, but it’s practical and extremely simple methods that have to be followed for a period of 8-10 weeks.

If followed correctly and strictly, it can bear a significantly positive result.

These protocols include-

  • Dietary Guidelines and Enhancing Digestion
  • Stress Control, Sleep Optimization and Exercise Hygiene.
  • Immune System Enhancement and Nutritional Supplementation
  • Detoxing, Parasite Cleansing and Liver Cleansing
  • Anti-Candida Protocols
  • Replenishing and Re-colonizing Friendly Bacteria
  • Clothing and Sex Precautions

Chapter 6 – The Holistic Yeast Infection No More™ System

This chapter is the general blueprint of the whole book as it shows the practical step-by-step guidelines

It outlines exact and precise practical methods to curing yeast infection and prevents the reoccurrence of yeast infection and maintain a Candida-free environment.  

It presents a certain combination of protocols in a specific order to achieve yeast infection freedom forever.

Here are Alen steps to eliminate Yeast Infection- 

Step 1: Candida Control Diet and Optimizing Digestion

Step 2: Enhancing Immunity and Nutritional Supplementation provides the detail of factors that support and suppress immunity.

Step 3: Internal Cleansing and Liver Detoxification

Step 4: Kill Candida Using Specific Anti-Yeast Supplements

Step 5: Replenishing And Re-Colonizing The Friendly Bacteria

The way how, when and why these steps are to be executed are explained in minutes details in order of each step.

Who should buy Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More Program and Why?

Nobody is ever free of the risk of this unpredictable diseaseThe causes of getting yeast infection are multiples and subtle.

Therefore, technically, everyone can catch hold of it to be on the safer side.

For those people who do not have a yeast infection, it can enlighten you to prevent the risk of it.  

For the victims of yeast infection from mild to severe condition, catching hold on this program will be one of the most fortunate and best choices you make. 

The moment you decide to have it is the first step to curing that irritating and frustrating disease.


  • It clearly teaches both theoretical and practical approaches by enlightening the readers in detail and step-by-step guidelines which everybody can understand and follow.
  • It is a Natural cure that goes beyond conventional and western medical cure by holistically improving your whole well-being once and for all not just temporarily curing the external symptoms of yeast infection.
  • It is a revolutionary natural program which is unmatchable by any other yeast infection free programs, treatments or book. It’s just one of a kind!
  • The methods have experimented, tested and reliable.
  • Meant for Sufferers of various types candida from mild to severe conditions.
  • The required steps are benign and affordable by all.
  • Received positive and appreciated feedback from countless numbers of people.


  • It’s a time-consuming procedure. You need to be patient and persistent.
  • It’s a kind of thick book but you must not miss a chapter in your quest for candida free.
  • It requires some changes in your lifestyle but not that demanding one that tortures you.


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Bottom Line 

Yeast infection no more is for now accessible for you just for $39.95. Catch hold of this program now and see it for yourself. 

After you purchased the manual/ product, you have at least two months days to see if it will work for you. You should be able to see how it works for you by then. 

If you are not satisfied with the program, you can claim a complete refund of your money within 60 days of product purchase. 

You have nothing to lose to try this program out! You either get the desired result of your quest for yeast infection free or your money back.


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