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Delicious Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook James Freeman Review

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Title: Delicious Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook James Freeman Review
Author: James Freeman
Year of Publication: 2017
Language: English
Book Type: Digital Product ( PDF, Video)
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Delicious Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook offers gluten-free recipes tailored for diabetic diets. It contains a recipe for all occasion, including a fresh salad and potato side dish for a meal that’s hearty and satisfying.

People with diabetes are more likely to increase the chances of having heart disease, strokes and kidney diseases as they usually have high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

So it is also useful for people with high blood pressure and heart disease or kidney disease as it can help turn a basic recipe into one that is low-fat or low cholesterol.

Delicious Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook is a friendly family dinner recipe, which is delicious enough to please everyone while making just one dinner for the whole family.

Most of the recipes are accompanied by helpful nutrition information at the bottom of recipes.

The Man Behind The Delicious Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook

This program is Created by James Freeman, 40 years old, happily married with children. He has been researching diabetes and diabetic diet for 2+ years now.

He is not a doctor or a dietician – everything he knows comes from his studies (B.S. in Public Health), personal experience and analyzing scientific research.

He finished three cooking courses (in two different countries), helped in writing/fact checking/recipe creation for two other cookbooks. Recently he worked for one of the ‘healthy food’ start-ups as a consultant.



Overview about the Delicious- The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook

It is an amazing recipe source full of 368 recipes divided into easy to navigate chapters.

The first part of the cookbook starts by discussing the best diet choices and how they should fit into your diabetes management.

By following these recipes plan, you will be more likely to make the following changes-

  • Eat More Non-Starchy Vegetables
  • Eat More Lean Protein Foods
  • Choose fruits over sweets and junk food to curb your sugar craving
  • Consume Low-fat milk and dairy and
  • Limits unhealthy fat

If you are smokers, it is advised to quit as soon as possible, as smoking can aggravate diabetes and make it more difficult to cope with the disease.

Diabetics often experience circulation problems in the legs and feet, smoking is a dangerous habit to continue- it decreases blood flow even more.

Smoking also increases LDL cholesterol and raises the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Although this program may not cure your disease, if you have type 2 diabetes, this cookbook will ensure you stay as healthy as possible.


When it comes right down to it, proper nutrition is the only “diet” you need to follow – and my Delicious cookbook is here to help. Many people are inexperienced with following a healthy diet, but once you get into the swing of things, eating properly will become part of your lifestyle- James Freeman

This cookbook pays a special attention to carbohydrate as they are broken down easily into glucose and therefore has more effect on blood sugar level than either fat or protein.

It includes a general idea of how many carbohydrates you should eat at each meal and snack.

James Freeman suggests maintaining a regular meal schedule and aims for moderate and consistent portion sizes for each meal as it helps to regulate your blood sugar level and weight better.

The recipes are divided into three groups- depending on the difficulty level (easy, moderate and hard).


To offer you the most health benefits and get a good result in the short possible amount of time, the author has included four amazing diabetes bonus.

  • Diabetic Superfoods: It contains 40+ diabetic superfoods that are packed with important vitamins, minerals essential fatty acids and antioxidant. These foods will help you fight your diabetes effectively.
  • Paleo Diet Collection: Diabetes is sometimes called a lifestyle disease; this Paleo diet is designed to help to prevent or manage your diabetes.
    It includes Healthy primal Living, with healthy primal living cheat sheet and 10 training video( 65+minutes) and Paleo Quick Startup Guide videos.
  • Best Diets for Diabetics Collection: It includes 350 + south beach diet recipes, Dash diet, Mediterranean diet and vegetarian diet.
  • Diabetic Diet Guideline with Glycemic Index: It is a 78 pages long guide, covering thing you must know about living with and managing diabetes. This book includes chapters like Diabetic Meal Planning, Diet Tips, Foods and Supplements, Exercise and Weight Loss Benefits for Diabetes, just to name a few.
  • The Diabetic Exchange List: An absolute must-have in an easy-to-print form. The Exchange Lists are the basis of a meal planning system designed by a committee of the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association. While designed primarily for people with diabetes and others who must follow special diets, the Exchange Lists are based on principles of good nutrition that apply to everyone.
  • Book of nutrients: Nutrition should be a critical part of every diabetes diet. Balancing the right amount of carbohydrates, fat, protein along with fiber, vitamins, and minerals will help you in maintaining a delicious diet and a healthy lifestyle.
What I Like About
  • I like the layout of the book and the recipes that were inside, the introductory section is well written and the information is well written in a clear and easy to follow manner
  • Most of the recipes are delicious, easy to prepare and even make the kids happy while I eat healthily.
  • The recipes look very appetizing
  • I like the fact that it allowed starchy food as long as you don’t consume too much
  • One good thing about this cookbook is that mostly all the items needed to make the recipes are available at grocery 



  • The book doesn’t provide detail nutritional information for all the recipes.
  • Since this cookbook allows a little carbohydrate or starchy food, it may require careful counting and measuring of what you eat, some people may find complicated to follow.  
  • The Delicious Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook is currently available only in PDF format.
Final Verdict

Not all the low carb or low sugar meal have to be tasteless. If you are looking for a nice diabetes cookbook, you can try this program, as it contains full of flavor and absolutely delicious diabetes-friendly desserts recipes.

Every recipe included in this cookbook is carb counted for you that you can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal with confidence.

This program is currently offering 100% money back guarantee. The author has invited you to try his diabetes recipes with risk-free for full 60-days. 

If you decide that his recipes and bonuses are not useful or helping your diabetes, you can request a refund.
However, you have to send the request within 60-days from the date of the purchased.

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